With patch 8.1 soon, are u done with content?

13/11/2018 10:11Posted by Shunka
I'm hoping the next war effort quest gives me a gazillion in rep.

Planted bombs, killed a load of trolls, blew up a ship

0 rep.
Not really sure what to do anymore. Everyone I knows quit, guilds on a break till the game improves. Log on alts, get bored after an hour with the pruned skills and lower exp.

Get my daily emissary done on horde and alliance. Then spend ages getting in a group for a key, for an incredibly low chance of an upgrade item. Pretty bored and struggling to log in tbh.
My daily routine in wow: Log in, realize that there is nothing to do, log out, play fortnite.
Nope. Been lvling alts all the time. I have just 1 character with whom I have unlocked dark irons and finished the storyline (alliance side), 2 alts at level 111 and this current one who I'm planning to get to 120 before 8.1. So I'll have pretty much everything still to do and unlock atleast on one char. :D

Thinking about it, bfa is gonna be a lot about lvling alts, since unlocking new races comes at the end of the patch... I think I'm gonna spend more time in old content than in current one in the end.
I'm not done, I still need some reps to exalted, but I'm not in a hurry.
Content? Which content?
13/11/2018 08:26Posted by Jalisco
Haven't played alliance this expansion, though I heard the story from that side is good.

Most of my horde reps are revered minus the turtles. So, I guess will keep working on that. But, I am slow. I basically on do the cache is the reward looks worthwhile.

Also working on getting my raider.io m+ score up, which isn't too bad, since I am a healer.

The story was fragmented and frequently interupted by quests that had absolutely nothing to do with the main questline so i forgot what it was that i was fighting for other than to kill x amounts of frogs, dogs or hogs. The bees were a cool change though. Does it matter?
Late to the expansion so still have around one more week left of goals left.

What's left in that one week?

Final 2000 or so rep left for four factions.
Get HC raiding (pug so what have you).
Get my DK to 90 (from 87 so a couple of hours left on that one)
Just recently got the Tortoises to honored... :(
Still can't get a second off-hand to drop for my Frost DK... :(
Hope we do not have to be exalted with all the factions to get the second part of the pathfinder completed...
I'm beating up old raids for fancy transmogs and moneys.
I'm making homework in Arathi go get my level 340 gear.
I'm making witty posts on the forum.

Can I have my eyes soon?
Sadly still not gone with HC uldir QQ Maybe this week.

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