Happy birthday, WOTLK! Expansion turns 10 today!

It's unbelieavable. Ten years have passed since the release of WOTLK.

Share some memories from WOTLK, please :)
God i'm old...
Yes, I also feel old (I'm a Wrath baby). Achievements, Dalaran, Northrend, Icecrown, even my Invincible mount - they were all released 10 years ago. I don't remember a World of Warcraft without achievements.

God, I can't wait for Blizz to release Classic ... just to see what it was before...
Darn, already ?
Look at the amount of abilities I had as a Prot Warrior back then. Not to mention I could switch Battle stance and Parry 20 attacks or I could switch Berserker stance for 3 abilities to 100% crit in a row...... Back when wow was more than 3 buttons

I started in Wrath. I'll share a story but its not exactly wrath related.

I was somewhere between level 10/15. Running around Elwynn doing quests on my Human Warrior when this tall, lanky and long-eared Nightelf started talking to me. He had green hair.

I can't precisely remember all the conversation but I do remember asking where he was from. His reply was "a massive city on top of a giant tree half a world away."

After talking about general newby things he began to warn me about all the dangerous creatures in the other lands I'd eventually come across. He even offered to show me crocodiles in Straglethorn.

Being naive and wanting to see the crocodiles I agreed and we began our own little adventure, when we made it to the southern border of Elwynn on the west corner past all the Gnolls... this is where I remember I actually got worried. Worried in case I'd never be able to find my way back as reading tool-tips wasn't something I did then so a Hearthstone was just a rock inside my bags.

Looking out over the river, on one side a land which looked to me like a desert, barren and hostile. On the other side a spider and wolf infested woods that was in perpetual darkness. I was told we had to travel down the river in between the two to get to Stranglethorn.

The actual journey down the river was not as bad as I thought, we managed to not gain any attention from the skull levelled mobs in the forest or the desert gnolls/pirates that were inhabiting the last tower in the southern east corner of Westfall.

When we made it to the jungle, I was dumbstruck. There were rope bridges, broken 'aztek' like structures and of course crocodiles. Which when we found, immediately made a beeline for us and ended our journey. This is when I found out about the use hearthstone and resurrection sickness.

So yeah, its not wrath related but its one of my first memories of playing the game... when wrath came out. My levelling adventures are numerous, I spent 5/6 months levelling to 80 in wrath. I took my time, I enjoyed it immensely and made friends with people I consider best friends now, 10 years later.

I don't remember the nelfs name at all but I think that little adventure of ours that day, carved into the bedrock of my life - wow.
I remember perfectly the blockbuster queue at midnight. veeeery long. Just around 1.00 am i had in hand my game.
Memories of another life.

And now we have BFA... Dis pear... so delicious...
still using the mousepad that came with my CE :o
The Pre-event for WotLK was amazing. i infected the entire Crossroads with my zombie plague, and watched as level 13's ran around screaming.
i wish we could go back and forget the last ten years happened.
That was the expansion I first started raiding in. I know Naxxramas was grealtly undertuned compared to the Vanilla version, but it was still so fun and new for me.

And then Ulduar came along, and I wished my parents would let me play more x.x
Sitting in the boat full of dynamite used to blow the wall to make Stormwind Harbor and taking snapshots of all my characters. It was there for weeks before. So exciting....

Also during that scourge invasion we had an invasion of another sort as guys hacked the servers and placed dead bodies on the ground spelling out web sites. In Ironforge one hacker even had bodies stacked up like those motorbike display teams spelling out a website. The bodies were everywhere.

I still remember us all being on that boat the first night. It was the best launch ever cus there was no fancy quest. We were all in the same boat and everyone was chatting and so so excited to be going somewhere new. None of us had been to Northrend. It was like the D-Day landing. Just couldn't wait to get there. Those were the days.
While I started playing in TBC, Wrath is when I first started raiding. And oh boy was my entry into raiding a rollercoaster ride.

I was in my early teens at the time, with English being a secondary language to me. As such, I couldn't quite get a good grasp on the game yet. Throughout my first year in TBC I mostly played solo as such. No group would have me. Didn't help I played a hunter at the time and well, I lived up to the stereotypes.

My gear upgrades were defined by "what has the most stamina?".

Then in the first few weeks of Wrath, another hunter offered to help me a bit after saving my hide from me getting myself killed during dailies. She pretty bluntly told me I was doing it wrong, but also offered advise on how to improve, and even got her guildies to bring me through some heroics.

Turns out, she was an officer in a very casual family and friends guild that occasionally dipped their toes into raiding. And sure enough, she ended up inviting me to join them once I had improved a bit. These guys barely got a few bosses down in Naxx, but little me was amazed to even see any raid boss let alone kill one.

Ulduar hit. And our small little raiding force had by miracle cleared Naxx, ready to jump into the new raid. We... Got our asses kicked. It was painful. But it was also what spurred our team to try improve, and we eventually made it to... I believe 7 bosses down, progressing on Thorim.

The second-best guild on our (admittedly dead) server came in contact with our raid leader. They had recently lost a fair few of their members due to either burnout or poaching from the best guild, so they needed some drastic recruitment to get back up. Turns out, they had kept an eye on our progress and while we were still far below their level, they were impressed with the pace at which we had picked up our game. As such, they offered to train us into proper raiders, essentially.

It was discussed in our guild, and sure enough, a guild merge happened. We ended up clearing Ulduar, did most of the hardmodes, and went on to do HC ToC and ICC as well before the end of Wrath unfortunately tore that guild apart due to some conflict of interests, with some wanting to go more casual for Cata.

Still. That's how I went from complete noob to semi-hardcore raider within the span of a third of an expansion. Good times.
that means im 10 today!! hurray
Started out playing in TBC as well, around two years before the release of WotLK. I missed out on the release event due to mandatory army service, and I had no characters anywhere near level 70 to get to the new zones either during the few days off. Only had a level 60-something Mage and a level 40-something Holy Priest. Once I finished the service I decided to main that Holy Priest and here she still is, 10 years later.

WotLK was the first time I got to see the end-game of WoW. Dailies, Heroic dungeons, gearing up, raiding. Was all new and awesome to me. Started with raiding by just doing the weekly Raid quest with pugs. I was an officer in a guild I formed with my RL friends and even tho we talked about raiding a lot we just didnt have enough people to form a raid group. Until finally somewhere at Ulduar, we just happened to finally get 10 people to decent gear and decided to go and try out... Naxxramas. It was tier late yes but back then, if I remember correctly, there was very few ways to actually get enough gear to do the latest tier of raids apart from running the old raid tiers first.

Me and all of the other officers in the guild, all having known each other since we were at first grade, gathered up at my house for a big LAN, as we went into that Naxxramas. It took us at least 4-ish hours. We were all varying degrees of drunk. But we did it. It was such a rush, to have cleared our first raid together, and that's what I will always remember most fondly about the entire expansion.
The WotLK survival hunter was the greatest class in this game's history. Man, do I miss it...

Anyway, WotLK was an amazing expansion. Grizzly Hills is my spiritual home.
Damn, I've been playing for more than 10 years?

Start of WotLK, I was the gm of a small guild that had managed to clear zul'aman in TBC and Naxx on 10 man in WotLK, so now it had ambitions for 25 man. We were I front of Thaddius, my raiders were running around like headless chicken and I felt like I was herding cats. The rogue was doing no dps, and upon checking it turned out he had both weapons broken, I couldn't find my priest healer - turned out he had HS-ed somewhere in Ungoro Crater to look for some rare and everything was generally a mess, and that was just a part of it. I broke down that evening, declared I'm done with raidleading 25 mans, disbanded the raid team, and forever had a major sympathy for anybody that took on that role.
Edit: still talk occasionally with the rogue, he doesn't have to fake dc every raid anymore because it was his bed time.
I miss WOTLK tbh
Wotlk was the last time I raided.

It was probably the last good expansion from top to bottom.

TBC delivered.
WotLK delivered.
Everything since then been a mixed bag, until BfA.
BfA is a bag of !@#$.
Well, apart from PvE, I recall being in Wg on my old Draenei disc priest and fencing off two blood elf male paladins. We ended up flirting with each other xD.

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