Happy birthday, WOTLK! Expansion turns 10 today!

Happy Birthday indeed! :)

I remember PvPing at the entrance of Icecrown Citadel while waiting for the usual guild mates who were late for the raid. So much fun though!

"My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name Arthas..."
Best memories in WoW for me were during Wotlk.

Druss, Unholyman, Thatgeezerboy, Bara, Honeybee.... Best gang I've ever gamed with ever.

Good times
Still the best damn expansion up to date!

Horde lore wasnt ruined yet, Garrosh was a proud Warrior who led an Army like he should, Sylvanas was on her quest for revenge and still a somehow likeable character, Cairne was alive, Vol'Jin was alive, and we fought with Honor and Purpose instead of just commiting crimes to give the Alliance an enemy...
yes, 10 years of Arthas' and Deathwing's oppression. But...

I liked the snowy outdoor vastness. Storm Peaks, shiny Ulduar (server first Algalol YAY).

But then Trial of the Crusader trashed it all for me. The grind of 5 bosses in one room put an end to my WoW fun.

I returned with the BFF expansion.
That means I'm 10 years old too!

"My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name Necromoo..."
13/11/2018 12:06Posted by Hamersímpson
Look at the amount of abilities I had as a Prot Warrior back then. Not to mention I could switch Battle stance and Parry 20 attacks or I could switch Berserker stance for 3 abilities to 100% crit in a row...... Back when wow was more than 3 buttons


Nice private server your advertising there might want to remove that bit :P
Happy Birthday!

It means that this character is also 10 years old (soon). I started to play during pre-wrath, created a Night Elf hunter, leveled her to 55 and created this Death knight, which was my first max level character, yay!

Naturally my best and sincere memories of WoW is from Wotlk, I met a bunch of lovely and now lost friends, we had quite many times a small tavern RP at the Blue Recluse after a hard days work in Northrend...

Oh and there was a girl who shared her account with his dad, I played with both of them, but I preferred to play with the girl. Grate mate her dad was, but I had a little crush on her. Then she turned red (horde) and I never heard from her again...

Oh the good memories :'(

Edit: to my current lovely guild mates I met during Cata and been ever since, <3, love you all!
Getting my first ever flying mount.

A Time Lost Proto Drake.

Needless to say I was called a few unrepeatable names.

Witnessing and following up the Wrathgate. That little scenario liberating the Undercity was marvellous.

Every time Arthas would appear through a portal and show just how awesome he was.

And of course, giving "birth" to my main, Souldefiler the Death Knight and going through all the changes. Some I disagree vehemently with, others I've enjoyed.

But that battle at the chapel... Still love it even after all this time.
first raid, onyxia, on a dump of a pc, with 2 to 4fps. and I didnt get booted. found out months later what fps was. got a grand laptop, started my own 10man guild, and then had to struggle with mobile data reception. 10 years ago. I Missed my own guilds 1st 10 man LK kill because of it... best expac! ulduar <eye as hearts emoji here>
I love the story of Northrend. When I decided to go back and do the original Loremasters, Northrend was where I started. The LIch King was just an epic villain, that grew out of an epic character, Arthas.

Blizzard should definitely look at previous storytelling when designing upcoming expansions. People want that epic feel and the feel of epic evil bosses to take out in raids and dungeons.
Yeah legacy has made in WoLK.

* Bow down *
I was maining tauren shaman at the time, it was fun. Restoration, totems, chain heals, /moo.

Back when the horde was more than edgy elves and toxic !@#$%
Wall of text incoming

I think my favorite memories from WOTLK comes from that it was the expansion my current guild formed.

All of us knew each other in real life, and had previously played in other guilds as at very casual level.

This expansion was going to be different, We wanted to raid.
We had a slow start, and we tried to get enough people, that could and would raid with us.

We were still doing Naxx while Ulduar opened, New friends of friends joined us and we had a lot of fun with all learning to become better at their classes and how to deal with raid mechanics. specially from our new members that were more raid efficient

Naxx fell, and we moved on to Ulduar. and it was painful at first, and we still have a joke running about calling "overload" but we kept going hard. Finally, we reached Yogg-Saron, and we got stuck. For weeks, we tried getting him down. Each week getting a little closer. but still the kill eluded us.
One night we decided to Host a LAN-party for all the guild members willing to meet up for a game night fulled by energy drinks, chips, and slaps across the back of our heads for causing wipes. we got to Yogg again that night.
and then it happened.... we got to phase 3 as so many times before, But this time, The entire Roster was alive.
at 10% a couple of people are dead, but we are still going
5%. everyone starts to get REAL excited
2%... This is it, We might actually get him this time!
1%.. we are basicly screaming in excitement
0%. yogg dies and the room explodes in cheers, highfives and exhausting yells

this was our first kill of a last boss during their teir with our new guild. and probably one of the coolest moment for me in any game

We are still raiding to this day, A lot of new people, and most of the core group is still around.
my main memory of wotlk is spamming volley in heroics to deal top dps.
10 years already, from 12 million subs all over the world to 1.7 mill subs today.

Thats like 90% sub drop since WOTLK. Says alot about the current Blizzard team
Maybe we should meet up in Argent Tournament to celebrate?
Wait....what? 10 years?! Really?! Holy crap, didn't feel like it was that long ago, thats when i meet some of the coolest people ever, joined their guild and had a good friendship with them, some only ingame, but some even went on to become IRL friends....

Dang...Wotlk was a good time, that and BC really brings on the nostalgic feeling in me, GZ to Wotlk on your ding!
I hope Blizzard will make a WotLK remake after the Classic.
14/11/2018 01:52Posted by Weper
I hope Blizzard will make a WotLK remake after the Classic.

We can only hope :)

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