[A] Good Name Pending 8/8H 2/8M - Thu/Sun - LFM!

About us

If you like your guilds to be a mixture of humour, progression and a friendly atmosphere then you need look no further. We are a varied group of players that enjoy all of the content that WoW has to offer; ranging from M+ and raiding to achievement hunting and professions. Our guild was formed in Christmas 2017 with a focus on a warm and co-operative attitude and since then has established a great group of people that we are looking to expand on in BFA.

We have a real range of members, from veteran players who've played since Vanilla, to newer players who started during Legion.

You can check our Raider.io here: https://raider.io/guilds/eu/silvermoon/Good%20Name%20Pending


We are currently 8/8 HC and 2/8 M Uldir, and are currently doing a more relaxed progress through mythic. We have no class or role restrictions; the most important thing for us is mature attitude and a willingness to work through a raid and its mechanics.

However, we would particularly welcome applications from:

MW monks
Resto Shaman
H Paladins

During progression raiding we tend to raid the following server times:

Thursday - 20:30 - 23:00
Sunday - 18:00 - 21:00

As we are all older players our raiding schedule is more casual and relaxed than in other guilds, if you can't make every raid we really don't mind and if enough of the raiding group can't make a particular night we will look to reschedule.

Mythic Plus

Within the guild we have a mythic plus group that caters to everyone’s tastes, whether you are completely fresh to mythic plus or enjoy pushing the higher-end of the mythic plus keys. With treats such as Teeming Underrot or Fortified Shrine of the Storms on offer, mythic plus has never seemed so appealing!

Professions and Achievement hunting

Away from the PvE end-game content our guild also enjoys some relaxed achievement-hunting and profession progress. Be it a Saturday night hunting rares in Pandaria or herbing with Hweg, we understand the need to sometimes just kick back and enjoy WoW at a slower pace.

Joining us

If any of the above makes it sound like we might be the guild for you, we’d ask that you join our discord below and follow the template set out in the applications channel.

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