how is bg community?

nice to meet bad trolls who tries to insult you. ignores you so you cant write to them but they continue trying to 'insult' you. has it happened to anyone else?

i especially love golag-quel'thalas and shockz-stormscale. well shockz more since he was abit more creative
I love name and shame! Now we can log into those realms and insult them back from you! :D
You could always just block them as well you know...
Ignorelist is a good friend. Sad but true :)
Most people are anonymous strangers. Back in the days, before crossrealms, you had a reputation on the server. Crossrealms changed that. I enjoy the crossrealms because it helps the queues, but at the same time i hate it :)
I just ignore them usually. I don't log into computergames to have useless arguments with random strangers.

But when it's other people arguing with each other then it can become entertaining. Bonuspoints for creativity. Minuspoints for standard namecalling and saying 'butthurt'.

*insert one of many arguing-on-the-internet-memes here*
Ignore list is to small tough, should be x10 atleast for how many you are able to ignore, and it should not just be for "that" character, it should be for their entire bnet account.
BG community is non existence because doing bgs aside from doing it once is useless. There is no reward and doing one dungeon heroics is far better than playing 10x random battlegrounds.
indeed small ignore list for those dozen booster names you fill your ignore list on alts
i propose they make account wide block
1 char has boosters on ignore those same names are blocked from spamming the same message on every toon so you dont have to manually ignore each time they spam

oh and that would work on both factions
p.s not a bg issue but i hate noobs who say let them win yep i definetly love it :)
14/11/2018 17:57Posted by Tjockisjakt yep i definetly love it :)

Well, to be fair: Since you are name shaming a guy you should at least show the whole conversation, so we can see what you wrote to him.

Also, I never really run into any trolls, of cause theres the usual "!@#$ you guys, go kill yourself" in the BG chat.

Free tip to avoid trolls: Don't feed them and they die. It's simple

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