Restro shamans

They good for rated bgs or no?
Playable but not the strongest, better than they've been in the past though for sure. As long as you have Disc and Hpala the 3rd healer can be a lot of things.
They're stronger in arena, but whenever I played a resto in bg's it felt pretty good.

Earthshield totem is such a powerful too.
I don't really see many, when i do randoms I can usually pump out some good numbers and keep up my team better then my druid. But, I can't kite as well if i get focused.
So don't know for rbgs if i woupd get trained more.
Theoretically, I always thought rsham should be good I'm RBGs. They got good tools to help at points of attack.

Sadly, the theory has not matched the reality, for as long as I can remember.

People move out of totem range, out of effective aoe healing range.

As mentioned above, the "third slot" healer is a little flexible, however you want to spin it.

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