The state of Enchantment in PvP?


I'm getting bored with WoW and therefore thinking about reroling to an Enchantment shaman for mainly 2vs2 and sometime some 3vs3.

Is this spec fun to play in pvp?
Is this spec competitive in 2vs2, 3vs3?
Is 8.1 going to make it worse or better?

Thank you in advance for giving your opinion!
Its in terrible state, there are people who cant even spell the name properly
as a profession its pretty good, ye
I have dh, rogue, war and enha and to be honest it's my second favorite class to play; I do found it extremely funny to play, but has its limits.
Since the nerf to the mana regen, its own survivability has decreased, but beside that, the damage is still quite good.
Moreover you can be pretty annoying with the interrupts, cap totem, hex, purge but still, the controls are not your strengths.
8.1 will be even worse LUL

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