Unable to view deleted characters

About 10 days ago, I've restored a deleted character, frowned when I went in-game and found out I restored the wrong one. No biggie, it can happen, my fault. Will just have to wait 4 more days to restore the one I meant.

My problem is, I'm not allowed to view all characters I've deleted because I restored one 10 days ago. Instead of showing me the list of deleted characters after clicking the restore option, I simply get this when I put my mousepointer on it:


This is a tad bit annoying, because it made me remember I've been on about 10 realms simultaneously years ago, and want to hop around the realms to see if I had characters there in the past, but as you can see, the restore option forbids it.

It's also pretty new to me, since I've resurrected 2 or 3 characters in the past 2 months and never had this problem.

'Fraid that's just the way it is now. You'll need to wait it out and when it becomes available again take a peek around all the realms you wanted to view deleted characters on.

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