IoC rewards victory to losing team

Blizzard explain this one! Just got out of IoC where we turned a game around and won, but game says we lost...

We were about to beat them on reinforcements after wiping them on our boss. They had 15ish reinforcements left, and then we breached their wall which seem to lose them 50 reinforcements, instantly landing them on -36. Score board pops up and says they WON. Game lasted 47 minutes. They did NOT kill our boss.

Proof: check out reinforcements, lack of conquest reward and reaction in chat
The resolution is too low to see anything.....
Same !@#$ happened AGAIN, this time while playing my dh. EXACTLY the same even, we are winning on reinforcements, some lone guy destroys their gate with a demolisher, they get -50 reinforcements, game ends with alliance on -35, and they get VICTORY.

Click image for higher resolution and you see reinforcements up top.
Sounds like a really strange bug, but I gonna queue for some now and I'll see if I get the same. Should be fixed asap, because thats really funky!

13/10/2018 00:15Posted by Icesage
The resolution is too low to see anything.....

Click on the pictures.
i had that same thing happen on one alliance lost isle as if it timed out and m ally team got the win
Looks like negative values are bugging out and coming back around as positive ones, as does happen.

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