<Elithium> Recruiting A rogue! (5/8M)

About Us:

We are a 2-day raiding guild. We consist mostly of people with a background in high-end raiding, but due to time restrictions can not put in the same effort. We are based on the idea, that even with a lower commitment/raidhours, you can achieve things in World of Warcraft. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge every tier, and our history thus far backs up our goal.

What we offer:

• Decent progression on a 2-day schedule.

• No split raids.

• A relaxed atmosphere, even though we maintain a high level.

What we are looking for in raiders:

• High attendance and general reliability.

• The ability to play all of your classes specs.

• Being able to communicate vocally.

• The right mentality. Be on time, use the right consumables - we value this highly.

Raid times:

Thursday: 19.15 - 22.30
Sunday: 19.15 - 22.30

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact: Shayter (Beakby#2128), Qopy (Scrasher#2874), Flánders (Flanders#2187) in-game.
Great guild, sadly i'm low lvl
Still looking for ranged DPS. Pref. warlock, boomkin or shadow priest.

Can possibly squeeze in another healer.
Bump :-)
Bump :-)
Bump :-)
Bump again :o)
Updated: 4/8 Mythic.
Optimistic bump :-)
Opening the thread again.


Looking for ranged :-)
Bump :-)
Bump - Looking for a rogue :)
Updated: 5/8M now.

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