How to fix azerite gear AND professions

Make the azerite traits craftable by professions. Well, every profession. Evenly spread traits amongst professions. Then you could apply the trait that YOU WANT on the gear, and need not rely on RNGjesus that much.
What do you think?
The thing with professions is: effort was spent to make professions what they are.
Doesn't mean more effort should not be spent.
Then they'll just say: People will just use templates and most skills wouldn't be used.
16/10/2018 00:20Posted by Megatokyo
The thing with professions is: effort was spent to make professions what they are.

That might as well be the anthem of BfA, "We spent all this time ruining everything you love!".

But on topic:

Having azerite traits being craftable would be a good improvement to the azerite system, personally I would like them to be tradable so crafting professions have a reason to exist. Normally wouldn't specify that but with BfA you don't know.
Give inscription (or another profession) the ability to create a consumable item (can be sold and traded) that can extract a 'class' trait (based on trait selected on armor) and convert it into a scroll destroying the azerite piece in the process. (think disenchanting but receiving the trait as an item instead of mats) (whether the newly created trait item is tradable would be up for debate)

A player can then use the consumable trait item on an already existing azerite armor which replaces the class trait on said item with the extracted trait.
This would allow players to specifically target traits. It would also guarantee that you would never be in the position where an ilvl azerite upgrade is a dead piece due to the desired trait not being on the item.

This would also give a profession something to play with that is relevant.

That's how I would look at doing it.
This idea sounds good, therefore blizzard never gonna do something like that.
I kinda like the idea, lets hope its not all doom and gloom and blizz actually considers these suggestions
How to fix Azerite gear ?


make classes exciting to play without it like it was in Cata, MoP or even WoD to some extend.

and then add azerite gear as cool new little addition to bring some fresh air, because a house cant be built on a broken foundation. and the foundation which is broken has been that way pretty much since WoD with it getting way worse in legion.

Right now tho it feels like Azerite gear is the only thing that has the potential to save the absolute garbage pruned class design with adding some flavor to the specs (when done right).

I honestly think the only way I would ever get excited over azerite gear is when it literally gives me a few new active spells to press.
It's moronic to expect Blizzard to completely rework Azerite Gear like that. Just making it functional and redesigning the UI would take the months and divert resources away from other patches. Patches that along with the next expansion they have been working on since before launch. Any rework requests are only gonna give you another selfie patch.

Also the idea is completely flawed, as everyone would just be using a template rather making the best out of their options, which is how Blizzard intended it to work and therefore wouldn't change it to work the exact opposite way. And that's the least of the suggested change's problems.

Not only would specific traits be restricted to specific professions forcing you to run one over the other spitting in the face of professions being a choice, but BiS combinations would likely end up split between different ones, forcing you to either have a buttload of alts or pay the obviously exorbitant prices the BiS will have on the AH. Not to mention it makes professions mandatory that many will mind.

Better to let each carfting class craft a single BoP(BoE would be nice but shrug not happening) piece for an armor type with a few themed neutrals up to Mythic level. Alchemist coyld make a piece out of plants, Inscription a parchment piece, etc. Sure they mqy restrict to armor types so not fitting everyone currently using them, but engineering can at least already make on for each armor type and they are pushing forward with more for the next raid scalling up to Mythic 415 ilvl this time.

It'd be a nice availability increase for everyone(though raiding would ve necessary for mats so shrug) and make sangicell and future iterations useful for everyone.
2 year old thread about fixing professions and heavy RNG related problems:

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