[A] Solace is recruiting for progress!! 8/8 HC 1/8M

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hello everyone,

We are Solace, a guild founded in 2009, that has an established raid team ever since then at varying levels of difficulty. Currently and since the start of Legion we are trying to push ourselves harder and complete all content while it's current (including those juicy raid achievements) and we think we're finally in a good spot to look up at mythic progression. But.. (there's always one of these damn things) we need help, are you the brave soul willing to join us on our amazing wipefest nights? *cough* I mean super successful progress? Keep reading and find out! Seriously though, keep reading *stares*..

What Solace offers you:
    - Consumables for raids (unless stated otherwise).

    - A solid, well established group of friends.

    - A group available to dabble into other content with, be it M+, occasional PvP, etc.

    - A drama free environment, we're all adults here and behave as such, there will be no tolerance for s**t stirring.

    - An active discord server with daily random banter, useful information, guides, raid tactics, kill screenshots and videos. You get the idea, it's our main hub for all things Solace while not in Azeroth!

What we look for in a new recruit:
    - Ideally over 18 years of age, humor can get a little adult themed from time to time, not to mention we're all ancient and you'd just make us feel old..

    - Dedication to your class and main spec.

    - Good attendance and activity in the guild. It kinda sucks when people are only around for raids and it also means you won't be able to make friends as easily.

    - Sociable, this really goes hand in hand with the previous point and respectful of everyone within the guild and without.

    - Willingness to learn and be criticized (always constructively).

    - Someone who wants to have fun with us and has a good sense of humor, this is really a must here!!

Solace raids two nights a week (main raids), Thursday and Sunday from 19h30 to 22h30 Server Time. We also host an alt raid on Saturdays, which is optional, but folks are encouraged to tag along, even if you're not a raider, you get to see the content, get some loot and maybe try out a different spec or role!

Loot in Solace works very simply, since the Personal Loot change we have been trading off what we DON'T NEED, and I stress this because we don't enforce trading AT ALL. The raid leader then distributes it based on a roll system.

At the moment we are mainly after DPS, especially ranged:
    - Mage

    - Hunter

    - Warlock

    - Shadow Priest

But any exceptional candidates will be considered!

If you do end up joining us, which I really hope you do, there is also an initiate period which is more of a "breaking the ice" period, where we can see how you meld with the group, how you perform and also if you are happy with your new home! This usually lasts a couple of weeks depending on player activity, can be longer sometimes.

If you made it this far and this has sparked your interest, please look for me in game! I'm usually on my priest Avi, otherwise you can add me on bnet and poke me there anytime, I will get in touch as soon as possible! My tag is MemoryFish#2179

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Bumping with recruitment updates!

Now looking for a capable warlocks and hunters!!
Just a quick bump to update our progress, 8/8HC as of tonight 25th of October!

Good job team!

On to mythic progression, still looking for a couple more reliable DPS, definitely ranged!

Thank you!
Update on progress, 1/8M now!
Still looking for good ranged DPS!

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