[H] Guild looking for Polish speaking players

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Rise of the Horde
Guild for Polish speakers only*
We are looking for new members.
We've managed somehow to make a guild full of healers and tanks** so you are extra welcome if you are a dps ;)
Our aim is progress. No need to do realm first, but we'd like to slowly build up and complete all the challenges this game has to offer :)

Things we do:
- Weekly Uldir runs (everybody who wants gets a run, we're not kicking people out because their gear is not good enough)
- very knowledgeable leader (guy is #3 dh tank on realm)
- lots of M+(if you're low on iLvl don't worry we will carry you)
- we've got few pvp players too, but that's not our focus

How to find us:
- Crystalion - Emerald Dream
- Vallä - Emerald Dream
- Krowiszcze - Emerald Dream
- Rastafan - Emerald Dream
- Truden - Emerald Dream
- Trutha - Emerald Dream
Battle net:
- Crystalion#2585
- Yasuf#2324

* - yes, Polish language is compulsory - I'm sorry for this one, but some of us don't speak english and we love those who are already with us and wouldn't like them to feel uncomfortable
** - yes, really. We are doing alts and offspecs to make up for it.

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