Destiny 2

Has anyone here played the game? Is it any good?

I'm not a first person shooter person, or a first person anything really because of motion sickness, but I thought for the modicum amount they are currently offering it I might as well try it. The game looks gorgeous, I love the sci-fi warlock concept and the story seems interesting.
Same as the first game - good gameplay, !@#$ everything else.
I have a friend that played first Destiny, he was online almost every day and raided and did his dailys

He was excited about Destiny 2 but got disappointed and gave up Destiny and now they are giving it out for free so my bet is not that great

But I havent really had any interest of trying it even though the first was pretty good
not tried it my self, but have followed a bit on how it has been going, and atleast what I understood the game was a joke at start, and many where dissapointed, though it seems like they realy have been working on it to make it better now, but no idea how it plays now.
Is there any way to return this gift and receive some money or subtime for it instead?

It's not even a gift, it's just shameless advertisement spam.
It's a great shooter but treat it like a loot based shooter and not an MMOFPS. The shooting mechanics are top notch but in comparison to say WoW, the MMO aspects leave much to be desired. If you like the idea of being a space Warlock, you should enjoy it.

Destiny 2 is a bit like BFA in terms of fan reception, year 1 angered a lot of long term fans as they done away with the majority of the systems fans came to love towards the end of the original Destiny's lifespan. However since Forsaken, things have improved drastically. It's about as good a time as ever to give it a try.
Thanks for the replies guys. If the gameplay is good then it should be worth it to spend a couple of hours of the weekend.

03/11/2018 09:23Posted by Seffi
the game was a joke at start, and many where dissapointed, though it seems like they realy have been working on it to make it better now
This is what I've heard too and why I was wondering how it plays now.
I played it at the start and the gameplay is indeed really fun, plus the atmosphere/graphics/sounds are really good.

Going to buy the expansion(s) with gold soon since I've heard it's in a much better state now, plus it's just a bit of fun to have a change of pace.
I've never played any Destiny game (heck, I haven't't even played any of the Halo games!).

So what's the run-down? Alien invasion, planets in outer space, and collecting bigger and better weapons to shoot more stuff? Something like that?
Only reason i own destiny 2 is because i got it for free on ps4 and now on PC...

Would never pay any money for it.
It's a good chance to try on a MMO Fps game.
A good one and free :)
but the problem is if you fell in love with it....
Because Destiny 3 is coming and probably they are going to try do the same to suck the money from you as much as possible
The general consensus is that it was bad at launch but forsaken made it great again. It's an expansion or dlc or whatever tho so you have to pay another 40$ to get all the new features that "saved" it, but from what I've read basic features available without dlcs have been improved too, so the base game we got should be okay.
I personaly really enjoy Destiny2 but I play it super casually and I'm not a specifically good FPS player.

The reason why I enjoy Destiny2:
- Gorgeous, amazing game. Its just stunningly gorgeous! I'm always in awe and I love beautiful games
- I love the atmosphere. Sciencefi, but a bit of fantasy aswell, quite mystic and intriguing
- Love the characters and the story. Voice acting is so cool Cayde <3
- It feel good in my hand. I'm not a good FPS player. Yet, Destiny2 is the game that intuitively feel the best from what I tried. I really enjoy shooting at things
- Can ignore PVP entierly
- Lots of little activities to do that doesn't take long, achievement to complete, exploration to do

What I enjoy less:
- No great way to socialise and group up with friends. Group size is 3 for overworld exploration and strikes, aka dungeons. There is larger group for raids, but the raids are pretty though. I we could group up with more friends to do some fun stuff such as events and the like
- Interface counter intuitive.
- Very hard to take screenshots! really guys! Whyyyyy?

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