[A] The Seven Serpents - Social Raiding Project Guild!

Argent Dawn
Guild Name: The Seven Serpents

Faction: Alliance

Website: www.sevenserpents.wowlaunch.com

Looking for: We welcome everyone who likes our ethos! (All roles welcome for raiding!)

About us

The Seven Serpents is a project based guild, which means we seek to create content for one another. We propose ideas for projects and events that the guild should participate in and support each other in making these things happen (this could be raiding, PvP, alt nights, RP, etc). Anyone in the guild can initiate a project for everyone to be involved in and we actively encourage members to try out new ideas. Our unique system has proven to be a real success since the guild was founded three years ago and we would love to hear new ideas from potential recruits. So we can stop burn out from particular activities and the game itself, we regularly review the projects on offer to see whether people still want to participate in them. If not, they get put away for another day for when people want to join again! Take a look at our current projects below!

Raiding Project

(8/8 NM, 5/8 HC) While we are a casual guild that ensures raiding does not feel like a full-time job, we still want to progress as a team and will expect a certain level of effort from all participants. You will need to be keen to learn to play your chosen class and spec well, even if we do not expect perfection. We also need you to be able to listen on Discord. It’d be great if you can talk as well, but we understand that some people are shy.

As part of your participation in the project, your raiding flasks, food, potions, gems and enchants will be provided for you if you complete a monthly “raid quest” set by our officers to contribute some materials to the guild bank. They are not demanding, but they are hugely beneficial since they save everyone a lot of gold for raid materials we’d otherwise buy on the auction house ourselves!

Our raid times are Sundays 9pm-11pm (Server time, 8pm-10pm UK time) and 9pm-11pm on Tuesdays (8pm-10pm UK time).

Classes we would particularly like for raiding

We will consider applicants from all classes and specs. However, we currently have no full time spaces for Main Tanks. If you would like to Tank, be aware that you won't be able to play the Tank role full time for raiding. Such spaces may be available in a future project but this cannot be guaranteed to anyone. We are, however, in need of more DPS players, especially Demon Hunters/Priests and Plate wearers, but will consider any and all classes.

We will not force you to play a class you do not want to play and there will be opportunities to change mains if you find yourself unhappy with your class. We also happy for people to bring any of their alts into the guild.

Other projects and events

As mentioned above, we are a project-based guild that does a variety of things in game in addition to raiding. Here are some of the things we have done so far:

• Board Game Night: We occasionally host board game nights where we use live streaming software and a video system to record a live board game where you can play and roll dice using discord and other handy tools! We also do some other virtual games and RPG themed games from time to time over streaming. We're currently toying with the idea of using Tabletop Simulator also!

• Mythic Madness: Wednesday night is mythic night! We all gather up into teams and try to tackle the highest keystones we can. This is a great opportunity to improve your gear for the raids or to try out other classes in challenging content. Come along and get that +15 keystone achievement!

• Blizzard Game Compendium: We regular host events inviting our members to join together for some friendly rounds of other Blizzard games. We also branch out occasionally to play other games together. One week we may be playing Diablo for a few hours, a hearthstone tournament for the next week, Overwatch to follow and a Heroes of the Storm night on the final week before cycling around again!

• Seasonal Events: Is there a holiday coming up in WoW? Then try your hand at one of the events! Maybe we'll be racing to collect candy buckets at Halloween, pelting eachother with snowballs at Christmas, or seeing how many people we can smooch on Valentine's... All usually with a cool prize for the winner. Got any cool ideas? Post an event submission and host your own event for the guild!

• Achievement Runs / Transmog Trails: Lots of our members are devoted achievement hunters, so you’ll often find events to go back and run older content to get any achievements that may have been missed. We’ll also go back and clear things for new transmogs and hold transmog competitions afterwards.

If you have any other ideas for events, feel free to specify them when you make your application! The more creative the better!

What we expect from you

• To fully appreciate and accept the concept and rules of the guild

• To be kind, considerate, and actively participate in the projects and events in our guild

• To be respectful of the efforts that others put in to ensure we all have a great time in game. This means participating in some of the aforementioned events, although we do not expect people to participate in all of them! RL > WoW

• For raiders: to learn tactics and do your best to improve your performance. We will expect preparation and effort to be put in on raid nights

What you can expect from us

• A close community of people who form genuine friendships, and who always extend the warmest of welcomes to new people

• A well-organised project and event system that means you can explore multiple facets of the game

• A place where you can demonstrate your creativity and unique ideas

• Lots of humour

The application process

If all of this appeals to you, then please leave us an application at:


After you have submitted your application we will ask you a few extra questions. If we accept your application you will join the guild as an initiate! In order to become a full member you will need to receive five votes from officers and guild members. These can be obtained by being active in the guild’s different projects and by contributing positively to our community.
After being in this guild for over a year, I can say, if you join you will find a very friendly place to be, and the events are really fun!
I've been in The Seven Serpents almost 3 years now and it is by far the best guild I have been a part of. The projects and events system really helps you get to know each member and build a friendly community!
Another 2 bosses down on heroic tonight, good job team! <3
I've been in this guild for more than a year now. The guildies are extremely friendly and there is a real sense of community and friendship here. I've only met them through tha games we play and talked to them on discord but I consider every one of them a genuine friend.

I started like everyone else as an initiate. It gave me quite some satisfaction to see that people voted on me. I truly love that even though you have a hard time speaking or even if english is sometimes a bit confusing for you you can collect votes. As long as you have the right mindset people will notice you. If something IRL happens during this time just talk it over with the officers so they can offer some advice on how to continue the trial.

After being a member and experiencing the joys of this guild I started to want to host events. To add more to this awesome community. They do an amazing job of supporting you to make events. It doesn't even have to be only wow content. We did a multitude of games and made up events. I remember an amazing evening where our guildmaster hosted an event which was based on The Crystal Maze. That was amazing.
In september we had a dueling tournament with the guild rank venomheart at stake and the winner may call him or herself the strongest dueler in the Seven Serpents. At least for the next three months till the next tournament has begun.

If this all sounds right up your alley then don't hesitate and sign up now!
After my old guild slowly disappeared over the years, I was playing on my own for so long that I felt like I was playing a single player game.

With the release of BFA, I decided I wanted to experience again the feeling of being part of a community. So, after a couple of bad experiences with other guilds - that almost made me lose faith on the AD player base - I came across The Seven Serpents.

I couldn’t be happier, the guild is so welcoming that I look forward login into the game after work if not for any of the many activities, just for the friendly chat.

If you’re looking for a new family, I’d suggest paying The Seven Serpents website a visit. Read their forums, you can tell that they do care from the moment that you read the application form. A well organised and friendly guild - you won’t be disappointed.

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