[A]<Out of Dreams>(6/8hc) late evening raiding guild

<Out of Dreams> is a late evening raiding guild (our raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays 22:00 - 01:00 ST) currently recruiting more members to fill our heroic roster, working towards mythic. Our goal is to maintain a relaxed but motivated raid team and creating a fun environment for people to be a part of, at the same time as killing bosses. We're looking for members who fill the following criteria:

- 18+
- Fluent in English
- Have Discord with mic
- Friendly and open-minded
- Patience

We also expect you to have a good understanding of your class/spec but a willingness to learn and improve is our main requirement - the ability to take constructive criticism without throwing a temper tantrum is a must. Since we raid 2 nights a week we're looking for people who have good attendance and punctuality, obviously coming prepared to our raids (know tactics and don't be the person who goes "uhm guys I need to hs to Boralus real quick summon me pls 123" when we're about to pull the boss :p).

We're willing to consider any combination of class / spec, but we'd be especially happy if you're a shadow priest, resto shaman, warlock, ret paladin or any kind of ranged dps.

Applying to us can be done by whispering me or one of our officers in-game:
Officers: Cropple, Wraithglaive, Yazí, Machu

You could also add us on discord to chat there:
Tinyhats#2681 or Flames#6414

Thanks for reading~!
Bump ! Looking for Range DPS / Priest shadow and rouge ! Also socials are always welcome !
Bump! Still on lookout for the following:
melee: rogue, warr (dk optional);
ranged: spriest, lock, balance (other ranged will still be considered).

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