Not a druid tank, though some day I might like to be.

I would like to see them have MORE spells castable in bear form.

Shifting out of bear is a no-no, in a lot of situations, so essentially mutes a lot of the druid utility toolkit.
We used to have Displacer Beast which provided both catshift AND teleportation. This actually had synergy with 'out-of-bear-to-cast-spells' mechanic because it was putting you out of bear form while simultaneously breaking distance with monsters at the same time.

Thus you had means to break bear form to cast spells without actually soaking hits in cat form first.

But then guess what? Displacer Beast was hammered down, now we have just speed buff which doesnt provide the necessary immediate escape so you will likely eat a hit or too if you try same thing as with Displacer Beast with Tiger Dash.

There is a workaround with travel form and its leap from Wild Charge but travel form isnt usable everywhere and it is 2 abilties with GCD which still a far cry from Displacer Beast.

The situation is quite similar in its roots to what i describe in my Thick Hide topic - there are 2 things, things that form a pair, hold a synergy between them.

Then blizz takes 1 thing out of equation and forgets about dependancies. Now the second thing is standing lonely, completely ruined and useless without 1.

It is like noone in Blizzard is actually keeping tabs on what was the purpose of each ability, their relations and dependancies. Just some random guy walks into the room, apply fixes keeping in mind the reason only he knows about, walks out, another walks in and apply random fix again.

As a result there is no synergy just bits and leftovers from 'broken pairs'.
I doubt druid will ever be an enjoyable class to play as it has been in prior expansions. The butchery devs did to this class has gone too far in the latest expansions, so much utility removed, so many abilities taken away.

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