Good bye Old Friend! Thanks for the Fun

07/11/2018 00:27Posted by Crustus
They are building a retirement home for us old timers. It's called Classic.

It won't be exactly the same but close enough.

Spread the word you old farts :)

Make a Guild called "Retirement home", and I might see you guys in classic!!
07/11/2018 08:16Posted by Gráinne
Fare well! Always sad to see another one go. Maybe see you in Classic? :)

This is defintely looking like an option in the no so distant future, thanks for all to point this out! I might see you there on The Retirement Home for Old Players A.k.A. Classic! =)
Can i have your gold?
i not caer for u quit

cna i hev ur g0ld im 12 btW haHA

There you go, I wrote down the comments for you guys so you don't have to comment that !@#$ like you do on everyone of these posts.
Nah dude im 25 btw and i like to troll the long drama queen posts like that cause i know he will be back as they always do.
Fanboy becomes ex fanboyfriend!
I’m taking a long break at the moment, I had fun playing BFA but some things stopped me from being able to progress, plus D2 was given away for free so playing that a bit :)

Most likely go back to grinding BDO, love the combat system!

No one really quits, they just take long breaks :) see you soon!

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