You think enhancement is bad?

I only heard bad stuff about shaman DPS specs but I quite enjoy enhancement (crash lightning is absolutely amazing AoE, that spell effect, that thunder!). It was not really that I had fun when I started but I could see what it will become once I level it up.

The thing is you all don't know how good you have it. You think spec as a whole is bad? Imagine not having essential stuff like Malestrom Weapon till level 40.

It was dreadful! But I saw that passive in my skill book and persevered. Compared to lvl 20-40 it feels SO fluid when I got it and it will only get better at lvl 48 when I'll get stormbringer with chance of free stormspike

+ there is several other skills/talents I'm looking forward to.

I bet going into BFA with your max lvl character that lost artifact weapon had to feel pretty bad but again for me its exact opposite experience.

Felt exactly like this when I was leveling up my Worgen hunter as well. Having to play your class without so many essentials makes you appreciate it much more when you start getting them.

With this said HOT DAMN! Maelstrom weapon should be lvl 10 passive you get when you choose spec. You really have no idea how SLOW it felt without it. You need to use both charges of Rockbitter to cast single stormspike cause its only way to generate maelstorm at low lvls.
Enhancement isn't bad and has improved over the course of BFA so far with the buffs it has had. The gripe many people have is the RNG of stormstrike procs being too much (I'm not one of them, I kinda like the proccy play style). Most people are pretty positive about 8.1 elemental, so that is looking fixed too, their problem was/is maelstrom generation, it takes too much build up to use ES or earthquake, giving classes with front loaded dps a huge advantage over elementals.
06/11/2018 23:36Posted by Rivanon
Enhancement isn't bad and has improved over the course of BFA so far with the buffs it has had.

Enh had lazy 5% damage buff and that is it.

06/11/2018 23:36Posted by Rivanon
The gripe many people have is the RNG of stormstrike procs being too much (I'm not one of them, I kinda like the proccy play style).

Yeah... Some people hate to smash one spell twenty times in row, wierd people.
Ye I read about those stormstrike procs but what people make it sound like is that when it does not proc you have nothing to do and you just wait for another proc? That spec is just spamming stormstrike and nothing else?

Again I don't even have that stormbringer passive yet and already I have something to press all the time. I actually really enjoy how it plays now and dmg is great.

Does it mean then that once I'll hit that lvl 48 and start getting those procs it will all of the sudden become worse for some reason? How? Why?

And If so I mean...remove those procs and just buff dmg across the board? I would be 100% happy with playstyle I have now (+ few talents I'm gonna get as I level up that looks dope)
Already I feel like force of nature!

We pull stone from the earth and fire from the sky, we command the spirits!
And that 'lazy' 5% buff took enhancement pretty much to the middle of the pack, with another 3% buff planned for 8.1. I will admit they've started lagging behind again now, probably due to scaling etc., but for a few weeks, that 5% did it's job. Also, the fact 8.1 isn't being released till December gives me hope they will look at the other shaman specs besides ele too, as they somewhat indicated they would.

Some people just have an inherent hatred of 'simple' play styles, but for instance DH, is pretty much a similar thing, one button for building, one button for spending and 2 buttons you press when they come off CD with 1 big CD in demonic, yet nobody seems to complain about that.
5% buff did excellent job DPS wise but didnt do nothing for dull one button spam playstyle. Getting proc feels really good i admit, but smashing one button over and over is just dull.

We had this problem in Legion and they recognized it as a problem. Enh shaman and Arms warrior (i think arms) got fixed. After that Enh was pure pleasure to play. Getting proc felt awsome and without it, you could deal damage not waiting for that proc.

With BFA we have same problem again. Wait for proc, spam it, wait again and spam.

As far as 8.1 goes, i think its too late plus their comunication is non existant.
next 8.1 ptr build
"stormbringer removed"

just like static cling and rippling waters
Enhancement isn't bad.
It just have a bad flow in rotation wise and have some recourses problems (in some situasions) and our defensives aren't that good.

-Because of streams of procs for stormstrike we are capping our recourses.
-We get stuff that comes off cooldown we want to press (like sundering), but wait I got to spam stormstrike first because of procs.
-In some builds you could easely get moments out of recourses even if you a talent like Boulderfist. Being out of recourses isn't fun, and than you have the wait game of the cooldown of rockbiter. Will proberly get better later the expansion because of more haste available but still not being to press anything (even for a moment) doesn't feel right for enhancement. It brings you out of your rotation.

Personally I like enhancement being all over the place with abilities if you know what I mean. (don't want press same button more than 2 times in a row, I rather have one after another) I want to use as many abilities as I can. That's why I played with Overcharge, Sundering and Earthen Spike on beta and partly on live. Even tryed that with Hot Hand. But as you can understand that's why some builds can run out of recourses some times (while rockbiter is on cooldown).

Also I rather have a bit more stable damage, but with the possiblility to ramp up some damage. Thats why I liked the Overcharge, Sundering and Earthen Spike combination, but the procs for stormstrikes need to get less often in a timeframe or just go. If the procs should come more smootly spread out over time, that should make it feel a lot better.
Enhancement isn't bad.
... our defensives aren't that good.


I keep hearing that, yet my 40k Instant crit heal saves my every time a healer can't keep up with the damage in a raid or party. And then i have 4 more + Potion and another 2, right after it.

Just like DK that can self heal are better then warriors with lots of defenses and zero self heals, same with Shaman Self heals are the best defense you will ever need in a raid or party.
I think healing does make up a good bit for our defensives being not that good.
You can't do 5 heals though, when you have 20k mana and have heals cost 5k.
So it would be 4 if your not waiting for mana to come back.
if you would crit 1 out of 4 (25%) you would heal up around 86k (3x16,5K + 1x36k) without talents like earthshield.
That's about 60-65% of our healthpool (@138K).
The question would be: is that enough with 25% armor and astral swift as only defensives?
Just bring old WF back and all will be fine (:

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