Resto druid form

How come resto druids dont have a form?
They used to have permanent form from TBC to Cata called Tree of Life.

And now days they have talent Incarnation: Tree of Life as a remnant from those days.
We did once. It was removed. It was called Tree of Life, and was the treant form you can glyph(?) into these days.

Edit: Oh, I made an ecco.
Aha. Didn't know the tree was ever a permanent form. Guessing people didn't like it then.. Thanks.
There is a glyph.

I like it, and use it. But, it's not "permanent," more like another form. It looks cool (and it is only looks, gives no actual healing benefit).

The downside is it eats a global to shift into. Not such a massive penalty, but still losing a global for looks isn't always worth it, esp. since we are often switching between forms, bear, cat, and travel..

I wish they would remove the global from it.
I wish they would bring back tree form as an actual form that makes you immune to polymorph effects.
I do have the glyph tho. I am Groot.
I have started using the treant form again :-)

For pve, its an option since don't spent as much time form shifting.

For rated PvP, no go. :-)

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