Anduin's second lie?

14/11/2018 06:25Posted by Arctur
14/11/2018 00:25Posted by Eriù
And Dagran Thaurissan is a baby with no power at moment. How can he possible deceive a whole faction?

He is 6 years old and is the most important Dwarf alive. And where is it said that they would deceive the Alliance? The abomination in the Emerald Nightmare wasn't referring to the Alliance, he was referring to you, champion of the Alliance/Horde.

Furthermore, anyone call tell lies. You don't need to be the High-King to lie. And children will lie much more often than young adults like Anduin.

Dagran would make more sense than Anduin actually. Anduin is wise beyond his years and blessed by the Light. He would be very difficult to corrupt. But Dagran is young and possesses no supernatural powers. He would make for a fine pawn for the Old Gods. On top of that, he is the heir to the throne of the entire region of Khaz Modan.

Once more Azeroth will be put danger due to the recklessness of the subhuman garbage.

It's funny when a simple umgi talks crap about the future king of the Dwarves (Master Race) fully knowing that without us, you'd be waging your precious wars not with swords and guns, but sticks and throwing rocks and not driving siege tanks but each other's backs.
Also, give it a guess what's it like to get hit with an axe while wearing a skin of an animal instead of a full plate armour.

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