Looking for new Class for PvP content

Hi guys!
I'm not PvE player, because this type of content for me is just for Story, so not a fan of M+. I'm looking for DPS (and sometimes Heal maybe) class for PvP (really love BGs and want to try Arenas) and a bit of casual Raids. I've already tried Shaman (120), Priest (113), Monk (120).

Shaman - I like the fantasy of this class but heal spec looks slow for BG and I just can't. Ele spec is so great for animations, but I fill really weak when playing him.
Priest - currently I'm leveling him and it looks a lot of fun, but there is something that always makes me look for another class. Tryed a bit to heal with it and I'm confused with this playstyle :D
Monk - nice heal spec. Tank/DPS - not my style
My friend also let me play his Boomkin and it's great, cuz I really like this DoT damage and defenses that he has.

Currently I'm looking for DK, Paladin, Druid. Any help?
In every game I stick to characters that can have summons, have good aoe, some sort of DoT damage and good defence/heals. For example, in Diablo, I really like Crusaders and Necromancers. I'm sure, if DK had heal spec (no jokes about BDK pls), I would defently play him, but as far as I know, DK is not in the good state.

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