The problem with professions

Hi! Please take your time to read this point as I will dwelve deeper into the subject of professions and armor and not just the minor case I'm bringing up in the title

I'll get right to the point: today I was just skinning some dinosaurs in Vol'dun when a PLATE chestplate dropped from just skinning it. 

I'm not sure if I like the idea of giving me armor from just skinning. And this I think for several reasons:

1. Giving plate armor from skinning doesnt make sense at all imo
2. Giving armor in general from just skinning seems a bit unneseccary considering all the armor you can craft on your own and armor you get from quests
2/3. Summing up all the total armor items and gear you get from different sources in BFA is too big, atleast from me and my friends experiences (you guys too?). Reduces satisfaction when receiving armor :(

[Obviously I want them to remove these item drops from skinning] and gladly other professions as well that I don't know of which may have similar problems (mining, herbalism?)

If we remove these item drops greater satisfaction will be experienced when receving a new piece of armor, maybe that chestplate you have always longed for..
I do understand we have this new scrap mechanic which gives atleast one good salvation to why you would want a lot of gear but that does not take away from the big problem which is the constant lessening of emmersiveness in professions imo. With the lessering of emmersivness I compare with Vanilla which from many people and from watching several videos about Nixxiom and LazyPeon etc; I've learned that there was a great feeling of RP and adventure/thrill when you got an item, which you did not get very often, but was something that requiered effort. 

(I do like some random items that would atleast make sense in the context of skinning, like for example some rare leather item that you can make super cool gear with).

I think that the profession items you announced at Blizzcon was great and is something that makes professions more worth while and gives it "that extra spice" which makes us players more excited. Another solution to the lessering of emmersiveness in professions would be to simply reduce the amount of gear players receive from regular mobs and restricting it to mainly quests and dungeons/raids (making it more vanilla-like?) You would instead focus more on making craftable armor more important and making it something that would give people with professions an edge over all others.

That is all! I love the rest of BFA, especially Zuldazar, the music and atmosphere. Great work!
Are you sure it wasn't from looting the dead mob rather than skinning it?
I agree on the part where it would be fun to have the some of the proffesion skills to really shine through...

I just wish you would have given these as your own thoughts, and not something from a youtuber (who like to dwell on nostalgia apparently) :(

I personally dont mind being able to get gear from a mob from time to time, I have also accepted that my gear will never be as epic as those who do dungeons or myth.
But I have played games, where the crafting were a huge factor in gettting you better/faster past a point. And being a craftsman is very very time consuming.

I just don't think there is a place in WoW (as it is now), to be a game where you have to rely on a craftman to be able to go somewhere.

But if we are talking about having the proffessions to do more in the t-mog and dress-up department I'm all in... We need more costumes in this game, and other stuff like that a craftsman could make (but not a necesaary need)
I quite think skinning is fine as it is. Most people loot. Easy enough to find a spot suitable for AOE and fill up the bags. Maybe we could get faster skinning by doing some complicated questline. Ranged like in Legion, great if you're a hunter.

I miss the shoulder enchants we had in Legion, hope they will come back in some form. Perhaps rare drops of expulsiom?

Boon of the Salvager gives mostly ore but sometimes armour. Perhaps there could be a version for skinners?

Here is a list of the Legion ones, they still work if you're in Broken Isles.

Professions could be more about vanity and fun items, like Moothilda says. Transmogs, masks, toys, pets and more mounts.

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