Help me pick a class please

Hello there,

I haven't played wow in some time, but retuning now for BFA on a new account. This dwarf is my only char, but i'm not really loving the rotation of BM. Keeping up and stacking an 8 second buff is more annoying to me then engaging. That being said, what i look for in classes is:

+ mobility
+ hack n slash gameplay without thinking for leveling/questing yet more depth and engaging playstyle when in raids/mythic+.
+ fun in random pvp
+ Some selfsustain for solo content and random pvp
+ Zero to little down time
+ mostly direct dmg
+ Offspecs are also kinda fun

What I don't like is:
- having to stand still and cast a lot
- Healing and tanking

I'm not looking for the top dps, nor for the most OP class in pvp. It has to be fun. Please help me pick a class! Tell me what class and spec would best fit the above description. And please explain why if you have the time :)

Try DH
I would definitely give demon hunters a try.
Restoration Vengence Protection Retribution Arcane Mage is the Class/Spec I prefer in M+.
I would say that Arms warrior has been a very fun and effective class for me. It is hard to suggest a class because you will get many different answers. To me, Warrior has very little to zero downtime, engaging gameplay and you feel like you are doing some heavy damage when you attack someone. You should give it a try in the free trial and see if it is something you like.
Yep Demon Hunter or Warrior seems right up your alley.
Enhancement shaman. Amazing for levelling, lots of utility. Struggling a bit for damage at max level right now, which probably means a big buff later in the expansion.
Try the Survival hunter. It sucked for so long, but now its really a gamechanger
Demon Hunter for you.
Just press three button the rest of the buttons are fillers...
don't play warlock, there bad.
I'd say Fury Warrior, but I'm biased :)

Charge > Raging Blow > Bloodthirst > Raging Blow > maybe a Whirlwind > Rampage > Execute.

Next! Charge > Victory Rush > What I posted above.
fury warrior is hella fun right now like the guy above me said.
Outlaw is pretty fun. You get a gun, you get a stabby thing or two...grappling hook...uh...dice(?)

Plus some stealth and self-heals thrown in to boot - I can't comment on Mythic, but it ticks all your other boxes!
try them all and let ur soul choose m8
My main is demon hunter, so, demon hunter.

Fun, fast paced, nice sustain, fel rush is better than warrior charge.

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