with friends like the Goblins, who needs enemies? 8.1

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I suspect both factions view Goblins a bit like retarded children.

If a band of goblin treasure hunters went into some Zandarli ruins to pilfer stuff, the Zandalari wouldn't blame the Orcs; nor would the Orcs blame the Zandalari if said band of Goblins were killed and had their heads shrunk.

Because that's just Goblins in a nutshell; they're unreliable and prone to make impulsive, independent decisions. Even Gallywix hasn't got 100% control of his own guys.

If I was an Orcish commander, I'd accept the aid of Goblins if I had it; but I'd never make them a cornerstone of my plan, and I'd fully expect whatever battle area they were responsible for to potentially blow up without any warning.

If the Goblins succeeded, then great!
If the Goblins failed, then well, on with plan A.

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