17/10/2018 13:02Posted by Thedice
17/10/2018 12:50Posted by Versorius

You have a lot of 340 pieces..

And what do I need higher pieces for?

Better damage.
17/10/2018 12:12Posted by Bukachu
What did you guys get in todays Loot Slot-machine?
Get ready to get your post deleted. I got mine deleted today just cause i expressed my honest opinion about BFA so far and got over 50 likes and 100 people commenting that i was right. Red tape everywhere.
370 Gloves with Mastery/versa - From Mythic +

380 Boots with Mastery/versa - From Pvp

Neither of which i can use, still running around my 345 boots.. How can i miss WoD? this is !@#$ing reetarded

Haven't gotten anything i can use for 5 weeks.
17/10/2018 17:08Posted by Dardius
Get ready to get your post deleted

look at my name, im always ready
Crap, sadly. Both Pvp box and Pve box.
I wish I could farm progress for gear rather than participate in gambling.
BiS non-uldir 385 helm on both main and alt. Good stuff.
17/10/2018 13:57Posted by Sainur
Was excited to see a 385 azerite helmet, then I realized after getting through one slot machine, I have to pull the lever on the next slot machine to decide whether I'll get good azerite traits or not.

The latter happened and the helmet is an effective downgrade.

The traits on a piece of azerite gear is not random.
None. I stopped playing end game content and stopped caring weeks, if not months ago.
385 azerite with trash traits that i'll never use
15 ilvl higher legs from pvp but cant use them because it has the wrong stats :)
Some braces that where a neet upgrade. And this helmet. Its 355 got it from the emissary. My freind on the other hand. Got a 370
Didn't even bother to check yet.
17/10/2018 13:52Posted by Chockø
Why play wow?

Only for the story nowadays and that's because I've played since WC2. The not-so-serious fantasy world pulled me in. I don't enjoy high fantasy like LotR or Witcher because it's too serious. WoW is unique in that sense that it still manages to pull of epicness while having stuff like goblins vs gnomes for laughs. And I don't mind redoing quests I know, because I enjoy more the immersion than seeing new things. You know, pretending I'm actually living the life of my character (I don't RP with others though).

Why I don't bother myself with pushing hard content is that my IRL is full of competition and struggle. I escape that into videogames, so no, I don't want to compete against others here too.

Nice of you to ask, appreciate it.
got the same as i did in legion: something something not an upgrade.

not bothered though. this slot machine is a bonus. if i get something from it, great, if not, no problem. i ll go do dungeons and raids to get better gear.
17/10/2018 19:33Posted by Monmage
15 ilvl higher legs from pvp but cant use them because it has the wrong stats :)

you should check those legs again. i am almost certain that a 15 ilevel upgrade will also be a dps increase for you. the difference in Int alone will make up any difference in stats.
17/10/2018 13:16Posted by Chockø
Thats being a pussy and playing baby content.

Hmmm says the no curve player nice

I would not swagger about if i was you,your on same kinda progress as the guy you are insulting feel silly much ?
useless 385 helm with garbage traits
nothing :( i feel like i should at least get given a mythic 0 cashe for catchup purpose even if i don't partake in the festivities.

prob too much to ask xD

i know i am lazy
17/10/2018 12:14Posted by Pijanymage
a !@#$ty helmet 375 with some pathetic traits

Azerite helms don't come Warforged. You can only get brackets from epic of 340, 355, 370, 385.
I rolled three cherries.

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