Highmountain Background Questions

Hey there. So I have tried to look around online all over and can’t really find answers.

Firstly, I want my highmountain to be quite young (not a child or teen), so she’s quite new to things, inexperienced. Would she have been able to be born in Riverbend? As I would like her to be from there. Then moved to Thunder Totem.

Secondly, could I have her father and mother from different tribes. Aka one is from Rivermane and one is from Skyhorn?

Thirdly, regarding totem harnesses; it is my understanding normally the head of the tribe only would wear that, but I read that Baine, I believe, took up his father’s ones and wore them. I was thinking something similar. But also, is it normally the person themself that carves them only once during their rites? Or can they add to them over time? Like a journal of sorts. And, can it be made by someone else FOR you, and/or multiple people add to it and carve it etc?

Thank you!
The reason you haven't found answers is because there actually are no answers.

1. We don't know how old Riverbend is as a settlement, but as it was the "home village" to the Rivermane tribe, one could assume it is old enough to have lasted a few generations, at the very least.

2. There seems to be no animosity in between the tribes, so yes, why not. It would even be logical from purely biological point of view, to find suitors from other tribes to strengthen the bloodline and avoid inbreeding etc.

3. I believe there isn't many things clarified about the "weaponized" totems in tauren culture, to be fair. I think it is meant to be personal, more or less, or herited like in Baine's case. I found this quote, originally from Ultimate Visual Guide, on WoWpedia: "They are also called totem poles and represent a link to the tauren's past. The carvings provide a focus for shamanic arts or illustrate stories of famous events or heroic tales". However, I am not sure if it talks about totem weapons or the actual totems, the "buildings". In any case, I think it should be applicable to the weapons as well - I would assume your tauren has every right to build and carve the totem as the story progresses, or even start a new totem once one is "finished" (Cairne, for example, seemed to have three totems, judging by his in game appearance).
1. Riverbend is more than fine as a birthplace as there's nothing indicating that it's a recent settlement.

2/ Skyhorn/Rivermane and Highmountain/Rivermane couples sound fine to me. Bloodtotem/Rivermane however is highly unlikely as the Bloodtotem were not only secluded for some time but also thought very poorly of Rivermane to the point of considering them pathetic.

3. There's no indication that only the tribe leader can wear the harness so you can use it if you want. It can be your family's totem or a totem you yourself made, or had it made for you. And yes, you can carve more of your story on the totem to commemorate the deeds you or your family/tribe did.

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