Worst M+ runs so far?

Let's have a laugh and talk about our worst M+ runs so far in BFA. Please no naming or shaming, just describe what happened!

I'll start. Just did a +4 Underrot where the group couldn't even get to the first boss. Yep, you read that correctly, they couldn't even clear the trash before the first boss. Apparently stepping aside when a giant angry matron is swinging a cleaver at you is too hard. Healer and 1 dps died to the first Matron's Savage Cleave. Then after 7 deaths on the first 2 trash pulls the healer ragequits calling the tank a noob.

So, what are some of the worst runs you have done so far in BFA?
Wiping like 15-20 times on the last boss in SotS on +9 afew weeks ago because despite our best efforts, making a interrupt-schedule and not standing in !@#$ is apparently a concept that's really hard for some players.

Party ended up disbanding.
Did a King's rest last week, everything went perfect and with 17 minutes left on the timer while we just started clearing the last bridge the one which connects between last boss and the council bosses, the mage suddenly said we won't make it if we don't push the pace, ninja pulled, wiped us and left.

Was doing an underrot +10 where everything went perfect and as we were going into the 2nd boss room healer died to volcanic and then rage quit.
i was doing maw of souls in legion and had 50 deaths before the guy with the scythe
20 wipes on the lantern npc earlier
Remember doing SotS +10 or +11 for weekly and on the last boss having the combination of a healer that couldn't handle not dispelling the de(buff) and a WL receiving the de(buff) every now and then, complaining about other players dmg when he had the de(buff), eventhough he failed interrupts, died to tentacles and on the one try were we probably would have downed the boss decided to kill the small adds, blowing up the group - after 90+ mins in total and at least 45 minutes on the last boss I sadly had to leave ...
I couldnt get past the electric fence in the temple mythic +
Was the healer in a group that depleted a +2 Atal'Dazar.

I was doing 17k hps on the totem pull, blowing every CD I had and we wiped. Warrior that did 4.5k dps on the most dangerous pull in the dungeon called me a noob.

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