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Warmode and World PvP
Hello! (let's post suggestion')
I love warmode and it's concept don't get me wrong. BUT

- air drop's (different awards? )
- I hope there's not gonna be flying.
- I would love to see fight's for
tower's or whatever which gonna
award buffs or smth like in Bc.
- More event's in zones.
- I absolutely hate numbers of
guards and they're respawn time.
For example in voldun the aliance
hub if u enter and wanna kill some1
here 200 guards appear from
nowhere +respawn time is
ridiculous. And in boralus elites
everywhere.. I want to kill quest
giver, auctioneers, gryphon master.
And get awarded with ppl who
trying to find em.
- like 1 mob gonna dismount me and
daze me but when am smacking pala on horse he just runs 's even after 50%of his health is gone????
I'd like Warmode to be more than just a convinient way to apply pvp-mode to a character.

I'd like Warmode to function in context of the Expansion. Factions are at war.

    Let me cap quest hubs
    Let me claim regions and in return deny the other faction World Quests etc
    Let Warmode be a substantial part of the expansion, factions are at war after all

But I guess that won't happen because the QQ from players being denied content would be too big. QQ about faction imbalance would be too big.
Ye I like these ideas, plz blizz :)

About the guards tho, and other interfering NPCs, I used to not like em. But now I realize, they are part of the WPvP environment, and can be used for or against you.

For example, it's fun to ambush the gatherers that continually pass through Arom's Stand, and have many Alli guards help you!

When attacking an enema base, the guards are a deterrent of course. Blizz don't want to stop you going in there, they want to make it something you have to weigh up - risk versus reward :)
Like we invaded the voldun aliance Hub in full raid and only thing we did :killing 200 guard and after 30s they respawned.
Do something about the faction imbalance. I can do my entire round of dailies on my horde character without seeing an alliance.

On my alliance characters I get ganged 10v1 on every world quest spot. It's ridicilous it's gone this far.

My suggestion is to give the outnumbered faction a buff proportional to the ratio. So if there's 7 times more horde alliance get 7x dmg and 7x hp.
Idk man like u cannot give player's 7xdmg health bcs it would destroy whole world content. And easy fix is add servers with aliance majority to server's with horde majority. For example outland with stormscale.
26/10/2018 11:39Posted by Angreshta
Idk man like u cannot give player's 7xdmg health bcs it would destroy whole world content. And easy fix is add servers with aliance majority to server's with horde majority. For example outland with stormscale.

That's already the case with sharding. Problem is there's simply not enough Alliance with warmode on since there's not enough incentive.

If you're always outnumbered is the 10% worth it? No, so you turn off warmode.
If you always have the advantage it's just free 10%, so you turn on warmode.

This leads to more and more Horde, and and less and lesss Alliance.

To break the spiral INCENTIVE has to be given, whatever that incentive may be, increased power or increased reward, is what they have to figure out.
Faction balance is player controlled via cross realm grouping. LFG creates an imbalance, but both factions have access to it. There's a large pool of Alliance players looking for a fight at all times - or at least to do their PvP quests/titles/achievs. Don't want to group up? You can solo War Mode, but like with dungeons, etc. it's easier in a group. No need for any game changes, use the built in tools and strats.
Am kinda disappointed cause it has big potential. And I thought that they're gonna expand nothing happened.
- Phase cities for war mode on/off.
- Events, and bonus weekends maybe. Extra honor gain, some kind of reputation or more mounts and mogs.
The first 2-3 post really made some of the best suggestions (imo)... And I have a small thing that doesn't really seems as much as yours.

But I am really tired that I get phased away in warmode, the world is empty in some places, and I like to enteract with the players around me.

And such places as Outland have always been one of the places I have had the best pvp experince... It would be great to see where the battles are when pve'ing, so you (rush to major city, enable WM, rush back to place -_-') can help/engage yourself in battle.

But many places are empty on both faction because of the phasing :/

((Well I have partly solved that by just enabling normal pvp))
I love War Mode! It's unscripted PvP adventure.

But to be good Open World / WPvP should have two main things:
- Content, to bring players together or to give individual players reasons to be in the Open World
- Give players ability to progress doing / participating in this content, ability to work towards items/transmog/mounts.

So far, War Mode has sandbox tools for players to create their own content - solo/group roaming, weekly PvP quest, Bounty hunting, camping and counter camping, raids... And it's very good. In 8.1 we'll get more Open World content, and it's great (but never enough :D ).

Many of ideas in first 3 posts I like and would love to have in-game.

I think current War Mode and WPvP are very lacking in terms of rewards/progress.

I don't think that rewards/incentives like current 10% is a way to make War Mode better or good at all. Simply because it's a drop in an ocean for anyone who likes War Mode, and it's almost meaningless. And this types of rewards push in War Mode players who don't like it, and since reward is so small and meaningless - they don't have any reasons to like it.

I would love to have more transmog/mount rewards that are specific to WPvP.

But most important, I think, is to rework PvP rewards system, like:

  • Conquest points should be a currency. Maybe with a weekly cap.
  • Vendor for Conquest points, in addition to current weekly bar/chest
  • (as an example) 500 conquest point is equal 1 item of 355 ilvl, and there is also an upgrade token for same 500 points. Vendor sells 355 items for 500 points
  • Make this vendor sell higher ilvl items, for 1500 point = 370, 3000 points = 385 (as an example). But actual items, not RNG boxes.
  • For Rated players - just cut down prices. So gladiator prices for example would be 500 points for 385 item, etc.
  • Add flags, mounts, etc to this vendor

Expand current airdrops/bounty conquest rewards:
  • Bounty and Airdrops should reward conquest more than once per day. Similar to BGs/Arenas - first of the day is 35/50, next are 15-10.
  • Also for Airdrops. Scale amount of conquest points from Airdrop with amount of players of opposite faction killed in its vicinity. So if I found airdrop and there is no one, I get minimum conquest, but if there is a fight - winner gets additional conquest from chest for each killed enemy.

Currently a lot of players logging of (or at least teleport to capital) when they got bounty on them. With changes like - If you're bounty (maybe ONLY in party of no more than 5):
- you get 1 CP for each killing blow as DPS/Tank
- you get 1 CP for each kill if Healer spec

Giving CP to bounty more incentives to stay. Also more bounties = more targets = more content. Also it would give healers more incentives to join.

And main point of this - Rewards in War Mode should be for PvP, and not for PvE world quests. 10% Bonus is ok, but it attracts too many players who can't find a reason to give WPvP a solid try, because they cannot progress with it and 10% is meaningless.

As an example - if someone is not into PvP:

- when they wipe on a Boss in the raid they don't have a feeling of "complete waste of time", because they are trying to progress not only in terms of "yeah we did it", but also to get rewards and progress with their character.

- when same person "wipes" again and again on a flight point to a group/raid of opposing faction, and for 10%... it feels bad.

- and there is no incentive for person like this to search for a group, put effort.. it's only 10%...

So there is almost 0 incentive to give War Mode a solid try, and open all of WPvP goodness for themselves, for many players.

On the other hand - at the start of the expansion, with rewards from Rated PvP - a LOT of PvE players jumped to Arenas, and what is more important - many of them stayed. Similar situation with Hippo mount.

Plus, if whole rewards are from PvP - PvE players (at least reasonable ones) have zero problems with PvPer getting their items from PvP-activities.

With all that - that's why I think that reworked in this way rewards system from PvP would benefit all Players and the game as a whole.

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