What's your daily wow routine?

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1; Login
2; mount up
3; look at my weights
4; logout
5; train weights
6; Look at classic forums and watch youtube vids on classic
7; Curse at blizzard for not having classic ready

* lvling warrior up 120 just because I loved tanking with him back in tbc.......in hope of a serious rework lol.
* Doing some olds raid for transmog.
* browsing wowhead in hope of MAJOR changes in 8.1 (tons of GDC removed?)
* trolling wow forums

Currently I dont really see any point getting better gear for my "main" as we will soon get 8.1 and hopefully all my guildmates and friend will come back (currently playing single player!"%"#).
- Log in to bnet app.
- Read WoW forums while at work and not having something else to do.
- Occasionally post on aforementioned forums.
- Look to see if Classic demo is playable yet.
- Go home and play other games.
  • Log on
  • Check for pet battle dailies rewarding pet charms. Then do those dailies on my 8 120's.
  • Every three days I do the three accumulated emissaries on my horde char until she reaches exalted with all factions.
  • Send pet charm missions.
  • When I want to relax I level one of my alts for an hour or two.
  • I had skipped doing the first three parts of the war campaign on my alts so now I'm doing that on my alts. Also getting all possible flight paths for them.
  • Soon I will start grinding new pets again. After the terribleness of WoD I lost all motivation to farm battle pets for four years, but now I'm looking forward to collecting pets again :D
  • It saddens me that most people here are in the same boat, I hope they come to realize that allot of people here are not playing the game.

    I have a feeling they want to play World of Warcraft but there nothing out there to give them the motivation based on the replies on this thread.
    (and this is exactly how I feel, no motivation, no encouraging content)

    again based on all the replies(most of them similar) I think 8.1 is make or break for the entirety of World of Warcraft.

    One more alarming thing, I can't see any blue posts on anything related to world of wacraft on EU, but blues all over posts about non world of warcraft related threads. (All ptr blues are copy paste from US)

    Blizzard you are at war against your own income, this will only end one way, start communicate to give us hope please, this is not a hate post.
    Log in and do emissaries on main and horde alt, check mailbox, sell and repair, check forums, WOWhead and my favorite WOW streamer, then log off.
    31/10/2018 14:40Posted by Grogk
    Mine as of now:

    *Last 2 weeks: Log in, check emissary, no turtles, log out.

    *Check forums and ptr notes about some big changes daily, read haters posts, have 2 minute laugh, X the page.

    Hey dude did you buy a contract with the tortollan seekers?
    I would probably not play so much unless I was talking to a irl friend over skype while we played

    WoW is not better than who we play with, now more than ever
    Late to the expansion and trying to make ground up. So I log on my main and do as many dailies as I can. Finally got pathfinder a couple of days ago and want to hit exalted for when the inevitable requirements for flight hit.

    Once that's done I do Emissary for my lone 120 alt.

    Level some other alt, currently pushing my mage and she's almost there now.

    I do M+, LFR, Uldir and stuff also, but it's more of being ready to get on premades as I pug it all on tank, insta groups, yes, but even then sometimes I CBA.
    I have the sub mostly so I can start or particioate in arguments in the forum. Thats more entertaining than the actual game by now
    1 ) Start B.net App & Look At WoW Tab
    2 ) Yell curse words while raising & clenching my fists
    3 ) Start Diablo 3
    4 ) Do 2* again because i can't manage to fish out a viable helltooth garg 100+ HC grift
    5 ) Alt + f4
    wake up
    check on classic wow and wait...
    01/11/2018 08:27Posted by Iratu
    Depends if I'm the one caring for the little ones or not. Either way, I log on after they've fallen asleep.

    If I'm free
    If full m+ squad is available
    M+ on main
    else if arena partner is available
    Some chill arena on main
    else if anyone decent in guild needs a
    tank for a +10ish key
    M+ on my first alt
    M+ on my second alt
    else if I'm caring for the kids
    if I think they are sleeping well and
    will do so for a while
    M+ on second alt
    level another alt by farming herbs or
    doing dungeons

    I would have also loved to raid, but simply lack the time for it.

    Can tell you are a programmer, those if else statements lmao
    1. Do Emissaries if the rewards are good.
    2. Do pet battle World Quests if it rewards Pet Charms.
    3. Farm Herbs and Ore.
    4. Raid if I feel like it.
    5. Do Island Expeditions if I feel like it.
    6. Run Old Raids for gold and Transmogs if I feel like it.

    There's too many IFs here...
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Log arena with pug drop 200 rat and ragequit
    Log in


    Log out
    - Login
    - Queue for 20-29 lvl RBG
    - Enter BG
    - Horde premade twinks GY farming us
    - Leave BG
    - Re-log
    - Queue for 110 RBG
    - Enter BG
    - Horde premade twinks GY farming us
    - Leave BG
    - Re-log
    - Queue for RBG with my horde
    - Enter BG
    - Alliance premade twinks GY farming us
    - Exit Game

    and repeat the same steps a few more times during the day
    Something like:

    Spend 15 minutes thinking which alt i want to gear up
    Spend another 15 minutes searching and applying to uldir raids
    If the raid is a success i repeat first two steps
    If failure, searching for another pug to continue, if i can't find group at that specific time i fly to zone X to get "stuff out of the way"
    i alt tab while flying, spend 15-30 minutes on forums or videos, alt-tab back into the game, using HS because i think i'm done, fly again, get stuff out of the way.
    repeat step 1 and 2
    Log in. Queue for island expeditions. Receive 100k+ worth of transmog items. Sell. Log out. Wait for longboi money to pool up.

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