Mechagnomes hype

I don't like them.

And yes the mechagnomes i imagined were entirely mechanical, lorewise these were the gnomes before corrupted by the curse of flesh.
The one we're getting seems to be regular gnomes with some mechanical prosthetics, it doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm curious what their story is but i doubt it will be good.
03/11/2018 00:48Posted by Râlph
Yeah because we cant have an interesting allied race, only reskins of previous races...

allied races are basically sub-races at the moment.
new races will be new races, but allied races will probably always be sub-races
03/11/2018 02:16Posted by Lilly
I quit WoW if they add mechagnomes instead of Sethrak. Just kidding... but that would be so disappointing. I will need a bottle of ... a few bottles of gin... Please don't make mechagnomes happen. Let's just forget about them.

I will say, forget about the Sethrak. Burry them forever.

Bring on mechagnomes! Though I admit i was thinking of something more like Mimiron.
Unless those come with a Tinker class, I'd rather skip them.
Still hoping for Sethrak, but I guess the Alliance can't have more than 1 cool Allied race.
More gnomes can never be a bad thing.
Don't add mechagnomes or mecha-anything as a playable race. If we must have a gnome allied race add void gnomes, lightforged gnomes, undead gnomes or whatever else, but not damn cyborgs.
I would be better if this were a customization of regular gnomos (like the supposed void elves-high elves). I this is a lost slot of allied races, like if gilgoblin were added on horde side.

They did a insteresting race based on goblin's skeletons (Vulpera), so they can do an interensting race based on gnomes skeletos, not that... things. Its my opinion of course, but gnomes doesnt have many fans (also goblins)...

If fact, adding more customization on gnomes - mechagnomes or goblins -gilgoblins, and adding tinker class, could be a good idea. Maybe with this, more people will create either of the two races.

(Sorry if I have bad writting, Im not an english native)
When the idea of a gnome based allied race was being passed around I was disappointed. I was thinking leaper gnomes, just a kind of recolour, but I now take all that back.

These mecagnomes look amazing, and if they become an allied race I won't be disappointed. I'm hoping they can be druids with mechanical animal forms. I'm also hoping that there will be plenty of armour to show off their awesome mecha parts
They look wicked! I hope they will have an option to have dead black eyes, like some kind of cyborg dolls from an 80:s horror movie. I almost want to faction change just to roll a cyborg gnome.

That being said, where the flipping freck are my Vulpera?
They're not going to be in for a very long time, if they do end up in. In patch 8.2.0, they're going to be neutral, so it'll take a while for the story to get around to them picking a side, it certainly won't be in 8.2.5, and I am curious as to how Blizzard would handle armour for them since, well, all of the unique customisations would be hidden. I suppose that wouldn't be too different from the tattoos on some races you'll never see though.

To those saying Mechagnomes eliminate other allied races, what are you on? Mechagnomes are not mutually exclusive with any further races. They take up the gnome slot only and there was never any doubt of it being mechagnomes there. That still leaves Worgen, Goblins, Undead, and Pandaren. Vulpera are obviously coming to fill in the Goblin slot, and they'll be in patch 8.2.5. There's a reason they said barely anything about that patch other than heritage armour. Sethrak are still the obvious companion to fill in the Worgen slot. They just aren't ready to show off yet, and the Worgen and Goblin models are at the moment more important to finish off. Undead and Pandaren remain the only two with no real possibilities currently taking part in the story. And no, Lightforged Undead are not happening; they don't exist outside of Caelia Menethil in a book.

I still have no doubts about Sethrak and Vulpera being the next allied races, followed by Mechagnomes and a few others nearer the end of the expansion.

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