Pet Peeve #36: The Peeve is Always Right

Argent Dawn
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12/11/2018 14:57Posted by Theremistra
My peeve is that during all my time spent on Argent Dawn I did not run into a single female Draenei character that wasn't a flat out ERPer or ERP bait. Still trying to scrub the memory of "Eredar San'layn Death Knight, Consort of the Lich King" from my brain.

Edit: As for the forum changes - it is utterly asinine that they would reward quantity and not quality and somehow timegate likes, though given the direction they're taking with their games it's also utterly unsurprising.

I would contemplate one, but;
1) my main here is a female paladin
2) Draenei female combat sounds are the sound equivelant of the Night Elf bounce and 'kawaii' emotes; they are bloody awful!!
12/11/2018 14:57Posted by Theremistra
"Eredar San'layn Death Knight, Consort of the Lich King"


Why do people think San'layn can be anything but elfies...
The fact that Patch 8.1 is still a month away.

I know it's a good thing they're taking their time polishing and tuning stuff, it's something the current expansion would have benefitted from, but I'm really looking forward to my less rigid walking and running animations. To say nothing of the mag'har bra being fixed on males.
Protect the nipples!
12/11/2018 15:26Posted by Narmë
Protect the nipples!

Free them! On male and female characters! We want equality after all!
12/11/2018 15:19Posted by Vakosh
To say nothing of the mag'har bra being fixed on males.

Tbh those straps would ruin your poor nips very quickly.
So about a month back I contacted an artist, who then promptly decided to ghost me after accepting payment. A bit annoying, I thought. I'll wait a while before doing a charge back, maybe they're dealing with real life issues?

Regardless I went on to commission another artist in the meantime. Also Acrona drew the character for free because I've had fun RPing with her for a while now.

Literally just now the previous ghost artist contacted me again and dropped some pretty cool progress pics.

My peeve? I now have infinity !@#$ing bajillion pieces of art of the same character coming in and I'm starting to wonder if I have an issue. My wallet might protest soon.

+ current WIP, fixes pending
This new "trust level" Bs is my peeve now.
12/11/2018 16:45Posted by Telaryn
I'm starting to wonder if I have an issue.

You do.

Now that you're out of the forces, you should get the work printed and framed though.
That between... well most of bfa and now this forum business, it's apparent Blizzard are letting people who sniff their own faeces make decisions.
Peeve being that I feel like I'm starting to get a same sort of relationship with WoW that Gollum has with the One Ring, both loving and hating it at the same time.

Love it for it's lore and setting ( bar the current story), the diversity of races and the history they have behind them, the people I've met in it and play with.

Hate it because lately it's been starting to feel more and more like a chore to logg in, and because raiding is starting to feel the same too. And ofcourse it's time-consuming. Then there's also more and more people I used to play with either leaving the game or taking a break.

Who knows, perhaps I am due for a break myself.
I haven't been well all day. Just been dozing on the sofa.

Also what the hell are these forum changes?
Wait this forum trust level stuff is gonna be a thing o.O?

... Seriously who hire those idiots? Really it's getting really difficult to love Blizzard (activision) as company anymore ever since BfA is out alongside the Blizzcon shennanigans. It's scary to think that a company that gave us so much fun and wonder is turning into a hollow shell of its former self!

It's really really getting difficult to see positive things in here...
Wait, what forum stuff?
12/11/2018 18:38Posted by Vaxir
Wait, what forum stuff?

From what I've read it'll work the same way as the Overwatch forums if you use them.

You earn "Trust" which then allows you to post links etc.

Here's a somewhat dramatic summary on Reddit:

When the next thread is made, here is the title: Who's Peeve is it anyway?

Don't @ me.
The new incarnation of the forums sounds aids.
"Ah, Igdragul, good. I need someone who is not of my clan to negotiate with the Laughing Skull"

I don't think they'd want to negotiate with a Shadowmoon either Durotan.
So wait, if I get enough updoots in the new forum I can directly embed images and gifs?

I can't see this being abused, nope.
12/11/2018 19:38Posted by Darianuth

I can't see this being abused, nope.

Some of us will die.
12/11/2018 19:38Posted by Darianuth
So wait, if I get enough updoots in the new forum I can directly embed images and gifs?

I can't see this being abused, nope.

I am a fair !@#$poster

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