Dissapointing Blizzcon....

Who else here is dissapointed with this years Blizzcon?
I pay 10 euros more for listening to basically no reveals at all.
I am not interested in learning how a 3d world is created, there is
plenty of videos on that on youtube.

Star Craft 2 is truly in is last rattles. only thing to come is a co-op?
Last year there was at least new missions
this year not even that....

WoW was revealing, oh thats right, it was not because most of us
knew already those things. Nothing new at all.

Oh yeah, Overwatch gets new champ and Heroes of the storm and
the card game all sports games, gets new things, but the bread and butter
the one that carried the Blizzard brand forward... that seems to be in
a swamp filled dredge in its development, maybe it is because its lost
so many key people that the development now goes into half gear instead
of being sped up as it was promised.

Time to show these money grabbing companies that they can't live without
the customer and stop purchasing these mindlessly dumb things like Blizzcon
tickets etc because I could have gone to Gamescon in Germany and had a better
time because there at least companies try to sell their product and show that
they are the king, which Blizzard seems to not care about anymore.

Its gone to the lull between the prime time and the downward plunge
and soon we will see a drop of paying players and then what...they pull out
some half made expansion...oh wait, they already did...cause this expansion
compared to legion is nothing more than grindfest and boring stories.

Horde vs Alliance is nothing but a gimmick.

either way, bring back the old Blizzcon with chris metzen and others that can
actually hold the stage with their presence, instead of someone that should
seriously crawl back to their shell because they looked scared when they followed
the scrip that they was given. I could not laughed more when that dude that
I wont even bother to remember the name called out for Horde and Alliance,
he lacked charisma and should have stayed off the stage.
Yes, it was a bit disappointing this year.

Next year I will wait until the opening ceremony is over before purchasing to see if it will be worth it.

I have enjoyed having a look at the Classic WoW demo, but it seems quite far off and not really a true representation of what we're going to expect. Cool to see the work in progress though.

And then there's the Diablo fiasco, gotta say, it has been entertaining, but not in the way I imagine Blizz expected.

Andd agreed, these new guys need to learn some stage presence, they should just hire Metzen back once a year for Blizzcon.
Wait until all the gold made from Order Halls disappears and people don't have any more gold to pay their token. I don't think any of those players will give 13€ again to blizz every month lul. gg blizz tic tac
Yeah last month was my last wallet purchase of gametime, got some gold up for tokens, don't really feel like paying with real money when they barely listen to community, nerf classes that don't need nerfing, don't buff classes that need buffing. I was hoping they kept best 2 allied races for Blizzcon so at least some hype can remain, so we could at least level some cool new alts, but not even that.
New zones are nice and all, but they're making zones obsolete, you're barely spending any time in them, while new races are hot stuff right now, why not push further and add something cool rather than reskins.

And cherry on top I made a ticket asking if certain item still drops 2-3 days ago, because it's really unclear and wowhead doesn't clarify, it said 17 hours left when I made the ticket, now it says 2 days 2 hours left.
04/11/2018 18:30Posted by Ironladyn
Who else here is dissapointed with this years Blizzcon?

The least exciting Blizzcon ive watched, by a large margin.

Last year Diablo didnt even get a panel.
Somehow this year it was even worse for that game.

Warcraft was predictable.

OW, HS and HOTS are dead but Blizzard continue to force them as e-sports.
I mean lets be real here. Just by taking a quick glance at the time table was enough to tell that nothing interesting was going to be announced

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