If you have money to spare, buy Blizzard Stock now

But in the fullest term of the word, they have independence. There's no one above them anymore.

The information you're repeating is in the public arena. You'd be a fool to fully believe and accept public information about a multi-billion dollar corporation to be all that there is to know about them.
if you want to stock broke, you need to look at everything in a company not just one product. you have to take a look at the entire range of their product. You also have to look at their history, have they had this type of fluctuations in the past how fast did they get out of a drop there are many things about stock broking
12/11/2018 07:35Posted by Zieera
i don't know man they kind of screwing with a lot of their games not just with the mobile thing, destiny 2, call of duty... all their games are dropping pretty badly
Esp with their secrect keeping of WoW, sudden offers free mounts if 6 months sub, refusing to release number of players but instead track time online. And who cares about time spent online? Good news this players is online 24/7! But we don't have many players..." Unless said players are whales it's RiP game. But it's trend release game and promise good support no mcirotranactions > lots buy it > add microtransactions and P2W > hope all but the wales will leave > Repeat this. Except HS every IP with Activision-Blizzard is doing bad in it's one way whether is hardly players left (DIII or HotS) or they aren't earning enough from microtransactions (Overwatch and Destiny 2).

See the new CoD they added microtransactions after the reviews got out, that's scummy. Back to WoW all they were willing to tell about WoW was about how much money they earn from character services, no numbers of subs or any concreet time played metrics.
I know people who spent close to a decade in uni learning the intricacies of stocks, to come out and fall flat on there !@#$ broke from trading, and now some idiot on a mmo forum is telling me how to invest in stock to make money???

Dunning Kruger, ladies and gentlemen...
So, Blizzard stock going low. I will not buy it, but any stock market expert with higher than Google Degree can say what does it mean?
Does it look like standard behaviour or is it the wrath of gaming community?
12/11/2018 15:55Posted by Putridius
Does it look like standard behaviour or is it the wrath of gaming community?

It's standard behaviour. This fat cow has been sold to someone who doesn't feed it. Investors no longer want to feed this cow, because it's basically welfare for Activision.

There's nothing to worry about, because the process is going already.

At the moment the triple A design teams are being replaced by low wage crews. After that it's all about milking Blizzard's old copyrights. Once there's nothing left to milk the remnant legal department will be absorbed into another Activision firm.
On a side note the Black ops 4 being released in October instead of November as planned would of left the 3 quarterly results in a negative light. It seems that Brokers/Investors know this and the share price has suffered. The projection is that the share price could go could suffer more in the coming days.

The quote I made made me think more about why Black ops 4 was released in October and not the planned release date in November. The results announced for the third quarter would of been worse if not for the release of Black ops 4.

Since the Blizzard com and the after math of Diablo Immortal and the 3 quarterly call. Many people have given their advice and show surprize on the Blizzard share price fall. These people have been mainly from Blizzard corner and the gaming industry. The point is that many of the gaming companies have not really addressed the important point , creating games and revenue from these. They have moved from shop retail to digital down loads. They are counting on peoples engagement within these games. The over all picture is that MAU figures are down across the board because of lack of game content, creating games, micro transaction and so on. The investors and gamers are not stupid and these companies are feeling the pressure and leaving themselves open to take overs.
12/11/2018 15:55Posted by Putridius
So, Blizzard stock going low. I will not buy it, but any stock market expert with higher than Google Degree can say what does it mean?
Does it look like standard behaviour or is it the wrath of gaming community?

To sum up stock markets in a simplified tl;dr they acctually have no inherent monetary value, The entire thing is just speculative value people put into it, That's why when big banks collapse like in 08 everything goes to !@#$ because suddenly billions in speculated money is instantly wiped out and everyone and there dog panics and sells every stock they have flooding the market and again wiping out value and having a domino effect

To give a very simplified example Jim founds a company that makes and sells widgets, He calls it Jim's widget company. widgets prove to be very popular, everyone wants a widget, so Jim decides to float Jim's widget company on the stock market selling a billion shares at $1 each.
ow these get snapped up almost instantly because everyone wants widgets so it looks like a good investment and suddenly Jim's widget company is worth a billion on the stock market.

This opes doors, now big banks will lend Jim's widget company hundreds of millions because with a worth of a billion they can be sure that the company can pay this back with interest. Now Jim is a smart man and invests this in greatly expanding production and R&D and his profits go through the roof and a bunch of the people sell there stocks off but at double the price $2 because they think Jim's widget company is doing better than when they baught it and there are hordes of people willing to buy stock at double the price. then $4 then $10 then $100 and so on the price of stocks skyrockets and Jim's widget company is soon a economic titan to match the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google.

But Jim dies in an unfortunate accident on his yacht. the stock price takes a tumble from the shock but quickly sorts itself out, after all Jim's widget company is far to big to fail the CEO role falls to his son, Jim jr, now jim jr is a silver spoon son of a multi billionaire, in short hes a utter %^-*wit. So he decides to develop and release widget 2.0 with absolutely no prior taught testing or asking the customers what they want and hypes over the shareholders at the meting with these projections of untold profits and tapping into the fabled "wider market", but analists and enthusiasts are va bit unnerved by it from the looks of it widget 2.0 is going to be an overpriced inferior product but nobody cares, its widget 2.0, its the best thing since sliced bread.

So jim jr borrows ridiculous amounts from banks to set up factories here, the everywhere factories out the yingyang all producing widget 2.0's by the millions all the while the debt is piling up from production costs, and the day of release happens and its panned, retailers are panicking cause they have millions in stock they cant sell banks are !@#$ting themselves because without the profit there getting %^-* all back from the loans given to Jim's widget company and nobody in their would pay 1 let alone a 1000 dollars for a share in Jim's widget company. so now the shareholders are in a blind panic as the price nosedives selling off everything to at jest salvage something of value flooding the market with shares to be bought driving the price down even more and before you know it hundreds of billions of dollars has vanished. Jim's widget company still has the physical value of the land it owns and intellectual property of the widget itself but its a toxic brand that's been dragged though the mud and burdened with debt.
Do people even checkout the development of the stock market in a longer period of time than maybe one week?

Buying Blizzard stocks isn't worth it at all, they aren't doing well for a really long time now and seeing the current development of the games, they won't recover anytime soon.

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