What realistic change to your class would ruin it?

Rogue - 5 sec stealth CD in PvP
Druid - travel form having a cast time

Paladin - having 4 to 5 sec downtime in your rotatio- Oh wait ...
Rogue: Energy Regeneration reduced by 35%.
Blizzard could do it because of all the whining about us. And before you say they wouldn't, remember, this is blizzard we are talking about =P
leave stealth and energy alone, +1 min cd on cloak is ok tho
Warlock: uhum

Idk, it already is?
09/11/2018 19:21Posted by Farwatcher
Rogue: Energy Regeneration reduced by 35%.

You kinda have this whilst levelling. I'm at 118 and the regen is just awful with 7% haste. It's killing me how much downtime between spells. At some points, I'm having to wait 3-5 seconds before I can hit a spell again xD.

With Warlocks, Maybe make soul shards harder to get in all 3 specs (It's already a pain in Affliction, but I mean make it less likely to get one from Agony). They kinda ruined locks already by removing survivability (RIP Drain Soul, you shall be missed) and our mobility is lackluster.
Hunters can no longer tame animals, instead they all get a pet from the start, and all pets are 100% the same with different skins.

Since they are reducing all RP options one by one, it might only be a question of time...
09/11/2018 19:15Posted by Mayoi
Paladin - having 4 to 5 sec downtime in your rotatio- Oh wait ...

I think we already have that at least 3 seconds.... :( At least I do.
Druids lose their forms and get to battle in their race form!!!
Having less mobility would ruin mage for me.
BFA to my prot warrior. Welp they already did it
Having 5 sec cd on stealth wouldn't really change anything considering it takes about that long to leave combat.
Prayer of Mending having a cast t...oh wait...
Pruning and GCD .....oh wait....
Being blind.
Removal of Combo Strikes.
Cast time on Divine Shield and let mages Spellsteal Avenging Wrath.
Turning my shadow form from purple to brown would def ruin it.
Giving all spells, including DoTs, a 2 second base cast time.

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