Fishbone Marauders - The cursed scallywags!

Argent Dawn
"Oh, the seas... Is there a better feeling than the ocean breeze gently caressing your hair and the waves carrying you on?
Any sailor will know this feeling but let me ask you this: Have you ever felt loving caress turning into the roughest of plays, the waves threatening to crush the very bones in your body?
The seas can be home to no soul, water too salted to drink and every journey finds its end but there are those that are doomed eternally, the soulless never finding journey's end... Join me, friends on this here tale, of the Fishbone Marauders!""

"This is the story of a man. A man that lost everything he held dear and was yet far from despair. A man driven by a drive stronger than life itself…
This is the story of a crew. A crew that couldn't have been more different and yet bonded together for a purpose far removed.
This is the story of a curse... A blight to rob the very soul."
Yarr, and welcome on the forum-thread of the Fishbone Marauders. We are a wee bunch offering a different approach to pirate role-play, we are the cursed, the lost but never forsaken for we have each other and the course we stir to.
"It seemed an eternity ago that the Nagaslayer left the harbor of Boralus and noble cause of ridding the endless oceans of its terrors turned into heinous piracy for the mere sake of keeping heads above the waves.
It was a different life... Barely a thing remained now of the crew that once was. As whatever they may have sailed into the mists, their return was as altered beings. Terrors upon the waves, what cruel fate for those that only sought to rid the seas of such forever..."
Our adventure has only just begun and we invite you to tag along! Join us in desperate pursuit of an unknown future and share the tale with us.
"Now more reason to bond than ever before the Fishbone Marauders looked at each other.
What remained of hair was soaked in saltwater, what remained of their bodies was but swollen meat and soggy bones, yet a fire kept glowing in those eyes, like a lighthouse on distant shore.

The crew would be forever chained by common curse..."

"Yarr" - Once renowned Captn' Nagaslayer this man of Kul Tiras sold all of his belongings to finance ship and crew, seeking to avenge his family slain by gruesome creatures from the depths of the sea.

He would never be the same after the curse robbed him of speech...
Captain - Formerly an author seeking the romance of the sea, disaster has left this wight convinced to be a hero of literature proportion, while being quite the villain...
Quartermaster - Acting as the caring voice of reason, Arcane Enclave has freed the Fishbone Marauders of quite a pickle but this curse is even a handful too much for this gal to handle...
Sailing Master - Thaddeus Dreadsail was the first to to ever lay eyes upon the Fishbone Marauders as they landed on Kalimdor's shores. The recent war with the Alliance has left the seasoned navigator with a sunken ship and without a job... He was in luck though as the crew's old navigator never made it out of the mists...
Gunner Master - An expert gunner, main task lies in coordination of the gunners. To be hired.
Gunner - Leaders of small man groups, who operate on the artillery. To be hired.
Boatswain - Junior officers. They are people who supervise all activities on a ship. To be hired.
Ship Cook - The tragedy of the curse afflicted upon the Fishbone Marauders couldn't be more eye-striking than upon daring a look at Ambrose Roosevelt. Has a man ever been more robbed of himself?

Once a culinary aficionado and womanizer alike, the man has fallen into deepest depression, one unlikely to ever be awakened from...
Seadog - The standard crew members, with room for promotion based on personal skill. To be hired.
Powder Monkey - Usually used as form of punishment for crew members, Powder Monkeys are forced to perform most dangerous work on the ship. They are treated harshly, rarely paid and are expandable. Powder Monkeys have little hope of promotion.
Beautiful! Let's get started, boys.
11/11/2018 21:44Posted by Fishworth
Beautiful! Let's get started, boys.
Vampire coast
11/11/2018 22:03Posted by Subjugated
Vampire coast
Ehehe, certainly something that lead to inspiration for this role-play!
Must be happy with the naga on the rise then. Plenty of lizard trinkets available.
11/11/2018 22:35Posted by Chíeun
Must be happy with the naga on the rise then. Plenty of lizard trinkets available.
T'name still be Nagaslayer! Let 'em come!

Disgustin' fish-sticks...
Best olsen-banden expierence on the Azeroth!
12/11/2018 00:05Posted by Thaddemaus
Best olsen-branden expierence on the Azeroth!
The Fishbone Marauders are drawing ever closer to our ultimate goal, financing a new ship!

After a lucrative day of "motivating people to hand out their belongings" we stand richer by precisely two gold coins, an eggplant, a sewing kit and... A bloody load of cat-food.

And we may be to blame for the death of a Nightborne... It was an accident!

Anyways... Waves, we're coming!
Awesome concept, best of luck with the guild!

Lovely for forsaken to enjoy yet another angle of role-play from a no-good crew like this!
12/11/2018 11:10Posted by Laerynna
Awesome concept, best of luck with the guild!

Lovely for forsaken to enjoy yet another angle of role-play from a no-good crew like this!
Thank ye, lass! An' aye, precisely wot we were aimin' for!
After another risk-filled day in the city of Orgrimmar a brand-new ship has been financed! Or well, some offer was received rather...

It'd seem some people or so eager to see the Fishbone Marauders sail away that they're willing to pay them a ship. Yarr, glorious!
Avast! what is this? More fellow sea-bound ruffians!

Yorold Blackstorm and the crew of the dread ship Tempest heartily approves, and wishes you good fortune, plenty of swag and four sheets to the wind... Though from one member of the salted brotherhood to another, "Beware land lubbers gifting ships", the mud booted wretches always want something in return.

Also, by chance me privateering brethren, have ye heard of the delicious... giving nectar known as...

Undead pirates tend to be fun. It comes and goes like the tides so let's hope this sticks. I've been poking at such a character, new and old for over a year so this might be something to go for.

11/11/2018 22:03Posted by Subjugated
Vampire coast

I've been vocal about my dislike of thing popping up in WoW just as it conspicuously does in another media but undead pirates is a timeless classic. We already have vampirates in Stormheim.
Loved the duel-turned-business deal with you guys. While my activity on this alt is a bit patchy, this newfound investor would be more than happy to help see you guys sailing the southern seas!
While I've certainly no mind to get my crew mixed up with those who be cursed (less their misfortunes be of the rubbing off kind), I've a mite strange inclination that there be potential profit lying in wait if I did.

I wonder if the waves will have our crews cross paths?
Either way, may the Tidemother be kind to those poor souls aboard this cursed ship.

(Ooc note: love this idea. I wish you all luck and success with it. The Blood rose are up for any and all interactions.
In case you wanted to look us up)
Oy, I've been hitting the hay for a time just to return and see this thread exploding! I cannot put into words how happy this makes me, well might better get to responding:

@Yorold Arr, listen here ye scurvy dog. I was kinda awaitin' yer response to this here thread, tha only fellow Undead scallywag I be aware of. Tha heart warms at tha support and may tha winds be at yer back!

@Levey We approach this with a healthy mix of serious and relaxed, the plan is to keep sailing and grow but even as it is we've got ourselves a nice little bunch.

And aye, while the Vampire Coast served as motivation to get the Undead pirate spirit up, there was actually some work flowing into this and I've been wanting me some RP of this sort for a longer time already. Thanks for the support!

@Ambitious So, it was you! I sadly couldn't be around for that RP encounter but I heard of its fun from me hearties, we thank you for the support and hope to set sail rather soon thanks to it!

@Rosair I'll have a look but you can already consider me intrigued as it is. The possibilities thanks to Cross RP are endless and I'd love to see them explored. Thank you too for the kind support!
I rate this thread 10 fish / 10 naga.
13/11/2018 15:51Posted by Aeola
I rate this thread 10 fish / 10 naga.

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