Alternative 8.1 story

Here is what I actually predicted in my mind would be the 8.1 patch. I was fairly close:

Sometime during questing the player (I imagine representing the Horde) makes a deal with Bwonsambdi to bring him some number of souls (I think a million). [Not made up, this bit actually happened]

How can we keep this deal? By waging war on the alliance. Rastakhan makes up some excuse and sends out a fleet to attack the alliance, who attack in turn. Maybe Rastakhan pretended he wanted to capture some strategic island, but the real reason was the million souls. In the chaos and confusion at sea, the naga take advantage and launch an attack of their own.

Cue 8.1 raid. First boss is some denizen of the island. Second and third bosses are opposing faction themed. Fourth bosses onwards: naga/nautical themed, you go gradually deeper underwater - prelude to 8.2.


I quite like this idea (of course I invented it), at lot more than the nice Horde city getting razed (hope it doesn't change in appearance) and major characters dying. I don't like Rastakhan dying (if he does), because him being ressurected showed the power of Rezan and the loa hierarchy. I also think he's a complex character who can add a lot to the story. I'm also not a fan of loa being killed off in the raid, don't loa die all the time? Do we need more loa deaths?

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