LF guild, Sunday raids, 25+ relaxed/social

Hey, I am new to the realm but hear great things from friends, Unfortunately I am pretty busy in the week so can only raid on Sunday and the occasional Thursday/Friday.

I have always played Blood DK with off spec as Frost however this expansion I am really enjoyed played Unholy so a guild that would let me experiment with this spec a bit would be nice. (I do like to tank occasional though so happy be a backup tank/tank mythic+).

Basically looking for a fun/relaxed guild, hopefully 25+ to play with that has a focus on pve.


Hey! We are a group of friends, passionate about the game but with intense jobs and very scarce playing schedules. I found your post looking basically for like minded guilds or individuals.
If there is no guild for "weekend warriors" (or any other class), we could create a battlenet social group.

Should you be interested drop me a tell, we can give it a try with Uldir and/or M+

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