Are garrisons worth it anymore?

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As I just hit lvl 100 and about to hit legion, my question is:
Is it worth it to get involved in garrisons? Are the apexis crystals from the daily assaults worth the hassle? If this helps, this is my first char, so my main focus right now should be lvl 110, right?
In general, your main focus should be 110. Then 120. Then you have the time and the added power and gold to go back and do whatever you want in older expansions. The one exception is if you are specifically enjoying the gameplay, and want to do something like a Loremaster achievement while you're still at an approproate level.

Otherwise, keep on levellin'!

The Garrison doesn't give you anything you need any more. There are still achievements, some ground mounts if you get the Stables, some quests for Toys and Pets if you have the Inn. And you can still go back for those at 120 if you want them. There is no particular reason to do any of them at 100 anymore.
It's worth, if u want to fly in dreanor or toys, mounts & other stuff. But you doesn't need it really, but flying is useful.
Flying in Draenor, that is; not elsewhere. And the Garrison is not a big part of that. Flying in Draenor is nice for your alts, but I'd put the time into flying in BfA, then flying in Legion first.

Anyway, Draenor flying takes just a few hours at 120, apart from the reps, which are timegates to take about three weeks.
15/10/2018 18:54Posted by Gráinne
Flying in Draenor, that is; not elsewhere.
Tmog runs, faster leveling & archeology. Fir some people it's really a nice to have ;)
I only use them for XP missions and mats.

I think you mean Class halls.
No, I think he meant garrisons. He also mentions Apexis crystals, and 100 is the time when you leave your garrison behind, and maybe want to check there's no reason to work on it further.
It's also nice to have a place you can call your own in which you can have an Auctioneer, Transmogrifier, Void Storage, Black Market Emissary, and so on.

Yes, you can access these services in other ways, but... it's not the same :P

With regard to the Apexis Crystals, once you upgrade your Naval Shipyard you can get a lot of them with no effort: treasure missions that award 2000 and 5000 of them, respectively, are commonly available at the Command Table.

More than that, having an Oil Rig provides you with a stable income of the resource needed to start these missions :)
I think the main focus changes depending what do you want from tje game. For example, if you are interested raiding in newest expansion, then rigorous level and gear grind, on the otherhabd if ypu are interested old questlines, garrison building, transmog gathering or something entirely different, then just do what brings you the most pleasure. Each and every activity has its highs and lows, just go ahead and find what suits you.

Garrison isnt useful to gearing or leveling past lvl 100.
I used my Garrison for free Hexweave bags, but their price already dropped under 1k, so I'm not sure if it's still worth the time...

you can craft anything from Draenor basically for free, but again it takes some time to set up, so not sure if it's worth that time...
the shipyard in your garrison is the only way to get the 3 +5% heirloom rings via ghost ship missions.... which are rare to pop up
Short answer: no. Longer: AFTER you hit 120, gear up to 360-370-380 ilvl, learn how to play current content, dungeons, mythic+, raids, and a lot of other fun things, you may find yourself bored enough to start doing some older achievements, and filling your collections, end then you could set up some long term goals for yourself, that may include doing garrison.
There are a few "support" things the garrison can provide that are helpful throughout. For example, if you're into battle pets then the garrison menagerie is a good place to level those quickly (every 15 days). Setting up a blacksmith gives you a buff that prevents durability loss for 4 hours, so less of your gold spent on repairs. Setting up an engineer in the garrison lets you buy a mobile bank or mailbox, even if you don't have the engineering profession, which can be useful anywhere. At the moment, during Hallows End, you can get the 2-hour xp and rep buff there without having to go to your capital city.
21/10/2018 11:55Posted by Hroardane
With regard to the Apexis Crystals, once you upgrade your Naval Shipyard you can get a lot of them with no effort: treasure missions that award 2000 and 5000 of them, respectively, are commonly available at the Command Table.

Yeah, like, could we get a bit of a boost to Apexis Crystals sources?
It's not like they come that often on the board, so being able to catch up without having to ignore the current content would be nice.
The extra hearthstone is worth it, plus all the extra mounts, toys and pets you can get are nice if you care about that stuff. I just really wish they didn't nerf the rep for Laughing skull and the Sha'tari Defense in the Trading Post. Older content is suppose to be easier and less time consuming, not more. 1 rep per kill sucks.

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