[A]Feral LF semi/casual raiding,good social environment

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade

I'm an old-timer who's poked in and out of the game since BC days. Now back again for BFA, and I'm thirsting for raid content but my current social guild is too low on folks and Normal-PUGs just ain't cutting it. So, I'm tossing this open application into the wild to see if anyone's interested.

I've raided in each expansion since Wrath at varying levels of intensity, and I know my way around good raider conduct. Both on the mechanical side - e.g. optimizing gear, bringing consumables, studying tactics - and social, like respecting people's time and not starting shouting matches. I'm posting from my main which is feral spec and what I would generally prefer to play. If ranged is more attractive I also have a frost mage, though it's very recently dinged and still needs to bump a few item levels before I'd feel confident bringing it to Heroic Uldir.

Ideally I'm looking for 2 raid nights a week, raid start somewhere around 19.00 and end around 23.00 (CET/CEST). Either of those can be stretched, but within that general ballpark. Clearing heroic would be neat, I'm ambivalent to pushing mythic but as long as it doesn't come with a crazy schedule.

Much more importantly, I'd like a clean social environment where people are expected to act like grown-ups with compassion. To be more precise, if you would describe yourself as "a free-speech absolutist who's not offended by anything" - We probably won't get along. I play MMORPGs to unwind, to interact with children I could just go to reddit for free.

Do I and your guild seem like a good fit? Send a reply or add Acedis#2690 and we'll chat.

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