guess I'm quitting again

look.. I don't know why I bothered comming back.
maybe I was hoping things had changed, maybe it was stupidity.
I don't know.

I played wow from vanilla to about a week into WOD.
game was good, there was alot of jerks around, but I found some places where I felt somewhat welcome. doing raids was the reason I continued to play.
unlike most, I loved to spend hours in raids wiping, felt like I had been presented with a challenge(unlike today when people try once and then starts screaming for nerfs)

at some point in WOTLK an addon called gearscore took over the server I played on, and ruined everything. suddenly you needed full ICC gear to do VOA.
the fact that I had the kingslayer title didnt matter.
from there all I did was level up, make an alt, level up. when I was sick of leveling, I basicly paid a monthly sub to drool in a city.

a week into WOD I was sick and tired of being treated like a lesser being
and quit.
played FFXIV for a few years, and it was like a dream come true.
the community was so nice and supportive it was almost creepy.
unfortunatly, that community was also ruined, this time however, toxic people.

I guess I was hoping the toxic people was x wow players, that had decided to taint another game, maybe wow's community was better now, so I came back.

well.. that was a mistake, this community hasnt changed at all.
still full of toxic jerks, so far Ive been kicked/forced to leave/group disbands
because I havent done something before, multiple times.
this includes normal dungeons BTW.

how can I have the achivement that I've done something, If I'm not allowed to do it, because I havent done it before? when it came to math I was good at best, but this math problem just doesnt add up for me.

however that is apparently my problem, get a guild they say!
yeah problem with that it every guild Ive been in since CATA has been garbage,
and maybe 10 people get to do things, while the rest are just supposed to farm gold for the guild bank and shut up.
if any of us tried to do something together all heck would break loose
(not sure how far I can go language wise)

TLDR: I'm done, sick of being treated like garbage, sick of wasting money on this game and sick of you toxic jerks polluting this game.
once my playtime runs out I'm gone!
not that you care, but hey! no one can say I didnt say good bye and screw you
Ok bye
We got elitest jerk players in this community that is deserves to be off from the game.
Before you do actually uninstall. Please /w me in-game mate. We as a guild have created a community to organize raids and mythic+ dungeons to play together. The community right now is a collection of 3 guilds raiding and playing together.

Good thing is you could join it and play with us without transferring!
It's a shame to see someone quitting for this reason. There is a community that you might want to look into called calm keystone (I think) that might give you the community you want.

I hope you actually find what you want and rediscover your enjoyment in the game as it will be sad to see someone pushed out by toxic children :(
For all of the reasons to unsub, that is one of the stupidest one. Seriously? You rant about being weak? Dude there is no way that after a week or two you are still undergeared and can't go for like 10 man normal. Either you are really bad or toxic yourself.
20/10/2018 10:53Posted by Nefaryas
calm keystone

Yes, calm keystones for horde, calmer keystones for alliance.

And fail train on discord for everything, basically.
Honestly, if you get kicked from normal dungeons because you are doing something wrong. That's completely your own problem. They are not hard even the first time you do them. DBM should give you all the information needed to not die a single time or wipe the group or whatever that is you are doing wrong.

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