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Been a long time since I raided at cutting edge, but I do remember that when you had the choice of 10/25 player raids you could pick either one, but this wouldn't kill things in the other mode either.

I could run 10 man Naxx, clear it, then run 25 man the same week.

I just went back to VoA, did 25man, and now all the bosses in 10man are dead. Is this how it works now, you just get to choose one per week and that's that? I just changed my raid setting from my profile pic from 25 to 10.
Yes, that's how it works, for old raids.
Which expansion does this stop being the case?
All of them, for soloing raids that you can solo. You can change difficulty in Wrath, but that won't resurrect bosses.

When we look at current raids, in a group with people's different locks, you have a different situation.

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