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<Raiding Academy>

Created on 23/4/17 RA has always had a focus on raiding at various levels.
This is what we are about.

1. A friendly vibrant fun community which holds fun random events.
2. A Steady Progression Team under new leadership and going as far as we can for the first Raid of BFA (Currently 2/8 M).
3. Heroic Team whose only goal is to have a lot of fun and clearing HC with mostly the same team each raid tier.
4. Growing Player vs Player Community - Currently we have 1 RBG Team.
5. Running Steady M+ groups Weekly.

Further Info.

Community - This encompasses the guild as a whole and everyone from GM to the newest recruit are expected to follow our values.

Value 1. Have Fun - At the end of the day it's just a game :)
Value 2. Respect Yourself and others in the guild.

If You want to learn more about the community part of the guild. Speak to Maegrath or Azzly in-game.

Progression Team

Teruin (In-Game message only) RL
Aurieana/BT/Aureliea#2515 - Assist RL

Currently we are a few bosses into mythic after rebuilding the team from scratch for BFA.

The short term goal is to establish depth and competition within the roster and see where we get to in the first Raid Tier.
Our long term goal is to consistently clear Mythic of each raid tier while maintaining a fun environment.
We currently have a roster of around 25 raiders and a raid leader with years of experience pushing world firsts.
We will always consider competition in all roles.
Current Priorities are a Frost DK and Affliction Lock.
Raid Days/Times - Wed/Sun/Mon - 20:30 -23:00 Server Time


360 Item level but exceptions will be made for strong logs.
Discord - Must be able to speak if a tank or healer.
A positive and fun attitude is essential as we all know how progress goes.
Strong knowledge of your class role with the willingness to improve.
Good preparation - On time, bringing Required pots/flasks etc, and researching upcoming fights.

Heroic Team

Ablinkin - Ghostdog#221474 (GM/CO-RL)
Akiliyna - Grumpyotter#2839 (CO-RL)

Run by our GM and Akiliyna - the team has a lot of fun and banter but still runs a organised team.
Goal - To clear Heroic each raid tier and have lots of fun.

Raid days/Times - Wed/Sun/Mon 20:45 - 23:00 Server Time.
Monday is an optional Alt run!

Good attitude
350 + Item level.
Recruiting - Tank and Death Knight DPS.


Officer - Ascertes (In game contact only)

Run by Ascertes the goal is the have fun and gain a little bit of rating currently.
(Classical Music and Passionate shouting likely)

RBG Day/Time

Currently 1 day a week (Friday) 21:00 until at the latest 23:00 Server Time.


Discord (voice ideal)
Able to respond to quick direction from leader and others.

Recruiting - All Classes welcome but in particular looking for DH Tank, Disc Priest, H Pala, DK DPS.

Thanks for reading! If your interested, you can msg the relevant officer or post a msg here and ill get back to you within 24 hrs.
Still on the hunt for a skilled Lock and Dk for the progression team, give me a shout if you want more details or a trial run.
An Update.

Mythic Team

Balance Druid with Resto Offspec would be the dream.
Would like further competition in Range Dps 80 % logs minimum for first 2 mythic bosses (No more mages sorry)
Exceptional Melee dps 85 % are welcome to compete for places.

Heroic Team

Disc Priest is Prio
Other than that again just competition in all spots is welcome but we are going strong :)

Leave a msg here or contact an officer ingame for invite/more info.
Recruitment update


Frost Dk - High
Balance Druid - High
Warlock - High
Resto Druid/Shaman - Medium
Rogue - Medium
Dps Warrior - Medium
Ret Pala - Medium
Elemental Shaman - Medium
Demon Hunters - Low
Hunters - Low
WW Monk - Low
Mages - Closed
Priests - Closed

Any Mentioned and Unmentioned specs are welcome to apply bar the closed ones. Contact Auri in the info above or Teruin in-game for full info.

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