Blizzard drops 14÷ !!!!!!

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You'd think !@#$ty mobile reveal would increase stock. I hate that platform with a passion for its money grubbing addiction... but that should translate well for your stocks.
05/11/2018 16:33Posted by Râlph
After this blizzcon it’s understandable, it would be better if they just didn’t bother if they had nothing worthwhile to announce

i said this before blizzcon started and people said i was wrong :/

"blizzard would be better off calling off blizzcon" was the words i used.
05/11/2018 18:14Posted by Nim

Idk about the others, but I do think there is Nothing new.

Remastered is not new, it is improved.

An improved version of an old and incredible game is better to me than a new game that I'll get bored of in a day (overwatch)

05/11/2018 18:14Posted by Nim
I'm not super excited, but why are you? Campaign? Online?

It's going to work similar to how the Broodwar remaster worked, which means that the odl and new versions can play together. Hopefully, this'll breathe new life into the community.

I personally preferred the custom game modes, things like Legion TD and Castle Fight.

The only changes tot he game are campaign mode, for example; The layout of Stratholme has changed, it now perfectly matches the layout we see in WoW.
"Don't you have phones ?"

Eat this your greedy basterds , let the stocks drop until you remember it was WE who put you on the map with our loyalty and you sold us short
05/11/2018 17:55Posted by Michélle
05/11/2018 17:54Posted by Nim

Well then, use the plural.

I hope you speak the 3 others decently.

Lvl7 505 posts, gtfo.

Are you a Scandinavian man by any chance?
05/11/2018 18:36Posted by Sheéle
05/11/2018 17:48Posted by Vunde

Kinda normal for a dutch person, tbf. Doesn't have anything to do with what you know about stocks or games, though.

Normal for a dutch person to know 4 languages? Please tell me from which part in the Netherlands you are from, cause majority can't even speak proper English, let alone learn a language outside of that bar German.

Hehe Dutch here. English, Dutch, German talking.Could be someone who also knows the French language.

An improved version of an old and incredible game is better to me than a new game that I'll get bored of in a day (overwatch)


we got a fast learner over here, quick hide your games
Good, they better feel the impact of this !@#$ show.
I assume Blizzard devs can't be this stupid, and %^-* like Diablo Immortal has to come from someone that's solely focused on numbers, I hope this shakes them up real good.
Hard to tell if Diablo Immortal has anything to do with their current stock price. You can't just look at the fluctuations of 2 days and project your dissatisfaction with this company upon it.

On 17 OCT shares were $78.3 and that's when the price started to drop, with a small spike increase before Blizzcon, now it just gets back on trend.
I will buy diapers and pacifiers for all the Diablo babies.

You can get them for free at my place.
05/11/2018 16:33Posted by Michélle
05/11/2018 16:30Posted by Ilyrian
the ball?

Brain capacity

05/11/2018 16:56Posted by Michélle
05/11/2018 16:55Posted by Diviníus

I have never seen such a badly worded and ill informed post in 14 years on the forums as this .
Take your negativity and place it where the sun does not shine and whilst you are at it go get a degree in economics then come back here and present a well informed view until then shut it .

I speak 4 language. You? Whitepower kid.

I'd suggest going for a 5th, English.
The stock probably dropped because they mentioned Diablo 3 auction house in the same paragraph with Diablo Immortal.
blizzard have only around 868 shareholders if you wish to check their finances America has a freedom of information act just go on google and type wow blizzard share dividend 2017 or earlier to see the figures
05/11/2018 16:38Posted by Murdash
The shareholders think they know what they want, but they don't.

They do know what they want.
All of the money!
I don’t really follow the stock market value of Blizz, but it’s not uncommon that before a major event the stock market value rises and after it drops. Years ago I followed Apples Stock market value and with them it happened all the time.
I pray to god their stocks drops by 400% for all i care. They keep delivering clownfiesta after clownfiesta with NO communication or regarding any feedback from the playerbase. My gametime runs out in 4 days or so and im done with resubbing. Legion was fun as hell. BFA is !@#$. Srsly on top of how %^-*ty azerite, quests, levling, etc is. Just the buggs in instances, raids and open world is enough to make u go mad. and these buggs were reported in Alpha, Beta, PTR and now even on live and not a !@#$ is beeing done about it.

Pray to god blizz stocks drops by 10000% actually rahter than 400
Just look at the fast rate players are unsubbing, says it all.
05/11/2018 16:56Posted by Michélle
I speak 4 language.
Doesn't follow that you can write fluently in them - your written English is sub-par.

... and the plural is Languages
05/11/2018 17:55Posted by Michélle
Lvl7 505 posts, gtfo.
Level established...
Hum maybe i'll buy some shares in a couple of days then! Thanks for the info

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