Why am I still getting fish when I win a BG?

As title.

Can we get some proper rewards, please?

PS: return PvP gear vendors and kill RNG.
I like my fish, thank you very much!

No for real.


It gives me many gold coins.
Fish to sell, crack to smoke and chocolate to eat.
Maybe you didn't play so good and the RNG has determined you need a slap with a kipper!

Who knows?
I know how you feel.
I just won a BG very closely.
I healed my !@# off and was top healer of the BG.

And Blizzard rewarded me with an old chunk full of useless herbs.

PVP vendors back please.
(please means quick)
Oh, you can actually get something out of these chests? I thought they only drop Marks of Honor. Seriously I have so many of them I could buy every PvP-set starting from BC-season 1...and I would still have enough to weapons.
People still don't understand PvP is an afterthought at Blizzard?
Blizzard Devs loath PvP.
I like the fish. I can send them to my guild to make feasts
I won 5 BGs today and got 4 mark of honor, and 1 crate of flesh... Thank you blizz, I stay in the leveling gear for another 200 BGs or as the RNGesus decide.... This is a very very bad joke, or what? I don't want to farm dungeons or world quests, I love to do PvP, I always did, but this system force me to do PvE content, wich is horribly boring for me, to get some starter gear for lvl 120. No more sub, no more playtime, no more blizzard games until you fix this disaster. I hope you listen to your players soon, or go bust before you ruin the whole warcraft universe.

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