Cant fight battle pet trainers..

Pet Battles
My problem is in the tittle.
I fought 4 battle pet masters on second char, but on this paladin, I cant fight them, I can fight only that one in Draeonor. I meet all requirements for this, I dont know, what to do. My pet trainer have quest only for 10 pvp pet battles win, nothing much.
If somebody know, how to help me, please reply.
Thank you so much guys. <3
Addons? Could an addon be blocking you? Try disabling all addons. If you can battle on one character but not on anither, addons might be the difference.

You know you can battle each daily tamer (Draenor) only once across all characters each day? But you can battle World Quest tamers (Legion & BfA) once per day per character.

Give us more detail about how the battle isn't starting.

Do you see the blue exclamation mark above the tamer's head? Can you take the quest? Can you talk to the tamer to say "start"?

Which one on Draenor? Which ones have you tried?

You haven't done any of the "Taming" achievements, so you would be limited to tamers in Draenor, Legion, BfA.
I mean the basic trainers on Kalimdor etc.
On Draenor I can fight only that one next to your Garrison, he has got the daily q.
On normal trainers.. I can speak with them but the link to start the battle isnt here.
I already fought Zulda, Analynn, Dragra and Zonya, but cant fight anymore trainers.. I cant fight these again, too.
Ahhh ok.

It's good that you're tackling the Taming achievements!

You have to work up the chain in a specific order.

See the top comment at

From looking at your armoury, I think your next link in the chain is Merda Stronghoof
Awww, Thank you so much, you changed my battle pet life!
Ok, finally I am staying before Merda and she doesnt want to fight. :(
OK, so

Was your other character Alliance? there is a complication if so.

If not, then go up and down the tamer list as given in the WOwhead comment until you find the one you're supposed to be at. I took your progress from the armoury, but the armoury is far from reliable.
Initial pet tamer quest chain, Horde:
• Varzok (report to your guide in Orgrimmar)
• Zunta, The Pet Tamer
• Dagra the Fierce
• Analynn
• Zonya the Sadist
• Merda Stronghoof
• Cassandra Kaboom
• A Tamer's Homecoming (report to your guide in Orgrimmar)
• Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor
Defeat Traitor Gluk, Grazzle the Great, Kela Grimtotem, Zoltan and Elena Flutterfly
• Grand Master Trixxy

Initial pet tamer quest chain, Alliance:
• Audrey Burnhep (report to your guide in Stormwind)
• Julia, The Pet Tamer
• Old MacDonald
• Lindsay
• Eric Davidson
• Steven Lisbane
• Bill Buckler
• A Tamer's Homecoming (report to your guide in Stormwind)
• Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kindgoms
Defeat David Kosse, Deiza Plaguehorn, Kortas Darkhammer, Everessa and Durin Darkhammer
• Grand Master Lydia Accoste
Nope, my char with I killed the first tamers was horde, too..
Merda doesnt want to fight me, so I rly dont know, what to do. I dont want to waste my time by going from tamer to tamer to get know, which one wants to fight me.
Well, going up and down the line of tamers is all you can do.

Unless your Achievements?: Taming Kalimdor that you see in-game gives you better information than your armoury page?

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