Which major character would your OCs date?

Argent Dawn
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Doesn't matter if deceased or alive. Or taken.
And why?

Just being super curious (and probably a bit too bored as well)!
I dunno man generally speaking it's frowned upon to date the deceased.

Taran Zhu is like Chieun's anime-poster-on-the-wall dream guy.
10/11/2018 19:39Posted by Arleta
I dunno man generally speaking it's frowned upon to date the deceased.

I'm sure a couple of Forsaken would disagree.
Mummy Azshara I hope
mommy liadrin :weary:

but also mommy azshara notice me
All of them.
Mayla. I'd just have to kill her and raise her and we'd be the coolest tauren couple ever.
No idea. I had one but I thought better...
Eh. Lor'themar, of course. Thalyssra. If there was peace with the Kaldorei, Jarod Shadowsong. Mostly, you know, elves.
Depends on the character.

Cro wouldn't date anybody.

My Nightborne hunter would date Oculeth, and my Nightborne warrior would date Thalyssra.

My normal tauren druid would like a date with Mayla. Or even Choluna.

And my blood elf paladin would go on a date with Liadrin, if she swung that way.

And if you'd asked me Demon Hunter a few years ago when she was younger, she would have jumped at a chance to date Kael'thas Sunstrider. She's older and bitter now though.

She's just his type.

This was a plot element for me IC back in Feralas during Cata/MoP, pretending my character had a crush on Shandris to help dodge / turn down romantic advances from other players.
Realistically, Regent-Lord Lor'themar Theorn or Grand Magister Rommath, if the latter counts.

Possibly, and in a different world of peace, Khadgar.
Well, Brigante's not racist, but he does find miscegenation disgusting (Bear in mind this is the character's opinions! not my own!) and as such, as long as it is Elven, its OK, If its not Elven it is utterly disgusting, hence his disdain for the Windrunners. He doesn't swing the other way so that really is narrowing his options... Liadrin would be the obvious choice, but frankly, she's just too boring for him. I mean she's probably lovely, and she seems to work for Lor'themar, who he hero worships, but she's just so ….wet. (And not in the good way)

He'd need someone to push him, to challenge him, Thalyssra wouldn't quite do it, the only two female Elven characters I can think of, lore wise, would be either Shandris, or Valtrois.

Of the two, its Valtrois. Got to be. She's enough snark to give as good as she gets. And that's what he would find 'hot' as it were. If there is nothing going on 'upstairs' then there is nothing going to happen 'downstairs' if you get what I mean.

Yeah, its Valtrois.

Got to be.
Gallywix. I want him to be my sugardaddy.
Gul'dan all the way.

Would just have to find a way to put him back together...
Well, for this one, probably Dar'khan Drathir, seemed like a charming ambitious fella. Shame he didn't live to join in with Umbric and the team.

For my Night elf DH, Illidan, think she had a crush on him.

For my Human, Varian Wrynn, heroic, handsome, energetic, yeah. Shame he died.

For my Blood elf who's not on this account, Lor'themar, proud elf and a looker that one.

My Gnome isn't the romantic type, but I think she in secret actually likes Goblins.
Alryette finds every race of the Horde -incredibly- exotic after Suramar. So as much as she has a crush on Oculeth, well...

Thrall? Devoted Daddy and a buff Orcboi? Yes.

Baine? Soft-Spoken Deep-voiced Peacekeeper? Yes.

Nathanos? Devoted and loyal military General? Yes, she can fix him.

Okay, to be fair, no amount of money could make her be with Jastor Gallywix.

But Rastakhan? Great physique, incredibly god-given powers, wonderous accent and a KING?! Even if he screams another man's name, she'd be throwing herself at him.

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