Which major character would your OCs date?

Argent Dawn
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So, is there a Mrs Theron?
Mama Stormstout, there's no better woman for Toso.
13/11/2018 10:57Posted by Watrus
So, is there a Mrs Theron?

Apparently so, or rather not a Mrs Theron, but in 'Blood of the Highborne' from the Paragons anthology it does seem like Lor'themar and Liadrin are a very low-key item, and this was before the Blood Knights even existed, so it doesn't seem like a political thing. Halduron does chide him at one point and say he 'might as well just get on with it and marry her'

Bear in mind I read it in German, not English, but my German is pretty good, and I'm 99% sure that's what it said. It is definitely implied there is 'something' going on there.
There is definitely a poster of Thrall in Rukkha's room.
Super surprised noone mentioned Geya'rah so far. Or Garona. Or Alex/Ysera.

I'd take no less then elune herself.. let the baffling of night elves begin!
12/11/2018 09:54Posted by Serenial
My Sin'dorei would happily date that sassy Flynn Fairwind (it's impossible not to like him)

The quest to escort him to freehold made me want to punch his face in tbh :P

On topic

Chen Stormstout, he's pretty chill, I guess I'd have to get rid of Yalia first though...
Gallywix for the money - but would totally be cheating on him with Saurfang (or, someone willing to pretend to be Saurfang - she's not fussy). Well, that or just drunkenly flirting/harassing the peons!

I mean, it ain't cheatin' til ya gets caught, amiright?
Alliance side she would swoon over John Keeshan, running around as a shirtless NPC totally does the trick for her. Horde side, she will be all over Lor'themar, with hair like that, maybe he might know some styling tricks for her to learn!
Jaina. In between her resolute personality, her many losses and her hatred of the Horde and orcs specifically, she is the perfect match for Moburon.

Also, I'm pretty sure human/draenei babies would look dope.
13/11/2018 15:44Posted by Laniakear
Super surprised noone mentioned Geya'rah so far. Or Garona. Or Alex/Ysera.


Well, dragons are a bit... Out of what Narmë could reasonably claim. x). What with them being giant flying lizards with a passion for being dicks to everyone else rather than real persons.

My draenei mage would perhaps date a dragon though, in a platonic "let's talk about magic a lot" way.
General Galloway. The true epitome of man!
Aye, General Galloway!
Oh aye, General Galloway!
Make way fer General Galloway!
4 dwarves in a row, what is this? :o
TA'PAARTOS... Because who wouldn't want that hunk of a goat.
Thisalee Crow, she sounds like a valley girl and quite possibly a sadist.
Greymane. Definitely. He can be my daddy.

O-... Or maybe his daughter.
Hard question, it kind of depends on three things I'd say... Just kidding.

Jaina <3

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