Which major character would your OCs date?

Argent Dawn
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I am still kinda missing Candy Cane from the Goblin starterzone. She did cheat on me though..
Shadowtwili would date Mida, boss of the Goblins in Orgrimmar, she wields power and influence.

Norbit Gearflame would date Kelsey Steelspark, who is both cute and a loyal patriot of the Grand Alliance, and an operative of the Gnomeregan Covert Ops.

Greebo Pendragons Gearsock would, if forced to date, date Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee-Queen. They're both undead and with the resources Pendragons would have at his disposal as the consort of the Warchief and Banshee-Queen? He'd be able to force many Ebon's and Scourge to serve him.

Mithralles Shadeleaf, as I said before, would date Shandris Feathermoon, General of the Sentinel Army.

Kinelor would date Exarch Naielle, founder of the Rangari Order, or Vindicator Maraad. Both proud draenei that would fight and die for their people and to ensure nothing like the Genocide on Draenor would ever happen again, like Kinelor.

Veshj Manaleaf would date Halduron Brightwing, Ranger-General of Quel'thalas. Her first choice would be King Lor'themar Theron, but Lady Liadrin already stole him. Rommath would've been a high choice too, but she's a void user and he hates those.

Croskigar would date Geya'rah, a proud and strong warrior of the same as the redeemer of his race? She's basicly his sister and he would love to introduce them too. (Though that would probably end badly, since Thrall is not really a warrior).
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fake news
Lady Ashvane.

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