Priestesses of the Moon, looking for teacher or guides

Argent Dawn
Hello everyone,

I am contemplating on making a priestess of the moon, but I am worried I will not do it right, if anyone could teach me maybe ICly be able to have me train under them that would be great, but also any guides or helpful tips for Rping one too or just information on night elves society that would help me better understand what I'm getting myself into haha.

Anyway thank you all, appreciate the help if you reply. :)
I can teach your to worship a better God.

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Greetings, there are several Night Elf guilds you can look for that will be able to assist you concerning the ways of the Moon Godess. They use Feathermoon stronghold in Feralas as their hub since Darnassus is gone.

Now if you wish more generic priest training I do provide mentorship already to another priest. Although my teachings are based on the Naaru and the Light, should you be interested dont hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck in your search!
I have a similar question, though no time to execute my concept any time soon. Hope we both find a good mentor in due time!

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